Mini Me

Last week I posted a photo of Amelia and myself on Instagram and it got a big response of people saying how alike we looked and how you could really see it even more with our faces side by side like this;


I think our eyes and nose are very similar and maybe mouth but its hard to tell because of the size difference. But I do think that this is a definite mini me!

I have always said Amelia has looked like me and looks like me when I was a baby so I did a bit of digging around in the photo albums to see if I could find any similar ones.

From looking at old photos I’ve learned that I had more hair than Amelia and I look a bit chunkier although I remember comparing our red books and for the first few months of life we pretty much weighed exactly the same too…weird eh?! My Mum and Dad quite often say how similar Amelia is to me looks and personality wise. Anyway have a look at these pictures let me know what you think.

They are taken at around similar ages. Me as a baby is on the left in pictures and Amelia on the right.

IMG_4899 IMG_4898


IMG_4904 IMG_4901

IMG_4905 IMG_4902


I think we look less alike as tiny babies but really similar between the first year of life. It’s hard to tell comparing the most recent as it would have been around August time for me as a baby so my hair was blonder due to the summer but still think our faces are pretty similar!!

Is your baby a double of you?

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Big Girl Painting


For Christmas Amelia got her first paints and paint brushes. We’ve used odd bits and bobs before but she has never sat up at the table like a big girl and just experimented!

A perfect addition to painting or any kind of messy activity is Amelia’s new painting apron. It’s another one from My 1st years, who I have mentioned before. It’s wipe clean and has large velcro on the sides making it adjustable. It is a tiny bit big for Amelia but is so great to put on when doing messy things! Plus how cute is it!!


She had different sized brushes and a few different colours but her favourite were the sponges. These were in the shapes of different animals but Amelia just loved dipping them into the paint then wiping them across the paper.



Her knowledge of understanding sequences has improved recently; she knew she needed to go paint brush- paint-paper-repeat. It was interesting to watch her figure out and see what she would do next. We did go through lots of sheets of paper as after a while there was just too much paint on the paper.

It made for a lovely Sunday afternoon and she concentrated for about 30minutes which I was really impressed with! I could tell she lost focus when she started screaming with excitement and scooping the paint up with her hands…That was when I feared for a paint covered toddler running around and decided to stop.

It’s so fun now Amelia is big enough to enjoy and start to do things like this learning and exploring as she goes! You could really see the concentration and determination in her face, so cute!!


I know painting can be messy but I just laid down some newspaper and the table was protected and then 5 minutes of washing up afterwards. The painting apron just wiped clean and managed to get most of the paints off of Amelia’s hands and arms with a quick wash in the sink.

I don’t know about you but I think I’ve got an artist in the making…


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Play At Home Teacher

Milestones: We’ve got a walker!

Just last week Amelia hit one of the biggest milestones I think there is as she took her first steps!!!

She’s been confidently cruising and walking with a walker for ages but has struggled with finding her balanced unaided and gaining the confidence to let go. She would take the odd step between thing or fall toward the sofa but never properly let go. Last Thursday afternoon she just let go and walked toward me. Four little steps but they were steps!! Obviously I was over the moon and tried to encourage more steps but she just did not seem that interested and was again only taking the odd step between people!

As the start of this week came around she was getting more confident and was starting to stand unaided and then I finally managed to catch her taking 6-8 steps on camera! Now she has really got her balance and is taking steps every day.

Here’s a link to my Instagram to see the videos I have caught of Amelia taking those amazing first few steps.

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First walking caught on camera!!!

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Still can't get over how cute it is having a walking baby!!

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It is such an exciting time and I can’t wait to have an Autumn and Winter of Amelia finding her feet and toddling around!

Amelia was 13 and a half months when she took her first steps, how old was your little one when they started to walk?

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Playing catch up!!

I can’t believe I haven’t blogged in so long, feel a bit terrible really! But I have had a really busy summer and Amelia’s first birthday and numerous other rubbish excuses that don’t make the cut but I’m here now to catch you all up!

  • So…Amelia is now 1!!! It was her first birthday on the 15th August so just over a month ago, it was such a lovely few days, we had a big family/friends garden party where I fully embraced the crazy party host and Amelia was thoroughly spoilt by everyone. Having a one year old hasn’t made too much difference as babies are constantly changing anyway but she definitely looks older.
  • I go back to University in a couple of weeks (ahhhh) which is exciting/daunting. After having just a year out of learning I think it will be quite a shock to my system but I am excited to get back into the flow of things and get my degree!
  • Whilst I’m at University Amelia will be going to nursery *cries*. I am pretty sad about that, but can’t exactly have her sat next to me whilst I’m in a lecture and it will be really good for her to be around other babies and people without me there. She is quite confident most of the time and happy to be without me so I’m sure she will get on fine. A huge bonus of the nursery she is going to is that it is on university site so if there ever was a problem I am only a few minutes away and that will probably be quite comforting knowing how close we are. The fact that we are both going to the same place should also make it a bit easier rather than having to drop her off somewhere then head off to Uni. I can simply drive there, drop her off, go to my lectures, pick her up and go home.
  • Still have a crawler. Amelia is more than happy to pull up on things, cruise along the furniture, walk with her walker and push things along she just isn’t confident enough to gain her balance standing unaided. Think she knows that she’s a pretty speedy crawler and that’ll do for now.
  • Currently Amelia has been super poorly with tonsillitis. Last week her temperature hit over 39degrees which was scary and she was so out of character she literally spent a day laying on the floor doing nothing, which is really unlike her. We ended up at the out of hours clinic at the hospital and found out she has tonsillitis. She’s been put on antibiotics for the first time ever! But they are seeming to work although getting her to take them is so difficult as she hates the taste and 1 year olds are stronger than you think when they don’t want to do something. Now all that we have left is a bit of a cough and snotty nose, bless her and a ruined sleep pattern. She was waking at around 10:30pm most nights at the end of last week to have medicine and a drink and now she thinks that’s what happens every night…not ideal but at least she is getting better. Its actually really horrible when your baby has a temperature and seeing them so out of sorts, so I am super pleased that she is on the up. Also for my sanity…we have pretty much spent a week in quarantine, house bound. I’ve not wanted to make her any worse or give it to any of her little friends so apart from the odd walk down to the park we pretty much haven’t left the house in 6 days.

Bar all the little things I think that is mostly all the interesting things I have to fill you in on! I’m thinking I will do a belated birthday party post so you can see the decorations and food we had and maybe do a post on Amelia’s Autumn/Winter wardrobe as she got given a lot of lovely bits and obviously I’ve been shopping and put up some pictures of some of our fun summer days out!

I promise I won’t leave it so long next time…here’s what we look like in case you forgot.


Thanks so much for reading!!xxx

Our Week in Photos

I love taking photos so this is just a quick post to show you what we have done this week in photos; 9th June-15th June.

Monday- Messy Play

Monday- Messy Play

Monday- Selfie

Monday- Selfie

Monday- Dog walk

Monday- Dog walk

Tuesday- Little & Big breakfast

Tuesday- Little & Big Breakfast

Tuesday - Strawberry Cheesecake Cupcakes

Tuesday – Strawberry Cheesecake Cupcakes

Tuesday- Getting Strong!

Tuesday- Getting Strong!

Wednesday- Homemade Cheese Scones

Wednesday- Homemade Cheese Scones

Wednesday- Being cute before bed!

Wednesday- Being cute before bed!


Thursday- Garden Princess

Thursday- Garden Princess

Thursday- Fun in the Garden

Thursday- Fun in the Garden

Friday- Girls in Blue

Friday- Girls in Blue

Sunday- Lambretta & Jammscoot buddies

Sunday- Lambretta & Jammscoot buddies

Thanks for looking, hope you like some of our pictures from this week!xx

10 Month Update!

Today is the 15th June which means that Amelia is ten months old!! This is crazy!! I cannot believe she is ten months meaning that she is very nearly one; I say this every time but time is just going too fast.

A lot has changed since her 8 month update.

Amelia & I just this week (June2014)

Amelia & I just this week (June2014)

She was previously in a pavlik harness after being diagnosed with shallow hips at 6 weeks old. Amelia completed the 16 week program in the harness, having physiotherapy and ultrasounds and is now just an outpatient. She had her second outpatient appointment at the beginning of May consisting of an x-ray and a consultant check. As I suspected seeing as she is moving around (still not quite crawling) and baring weight she is still all fine which is a relief. We now don’t have an appointment for 6 months! Movement wise like I mentioned she isn’t crawling but she can definitely move. A combination of rolling, bum shuffling and pulling along the floor and Amelia can definitely get to where she wants to. She is still slightly frustrated with not moving as quick as she would like but I feel like it will happen soon. She absolutely loves being stood up; leaning on the sofa or up against things, she can very nearly pull herself up and once she is up she does not want to be sat back down…tears usually follow!

image (2)

On the topic of tears with the last few months her personality has continued to grow. She has really become her own little person and can go from being the cutest angel to screaming because she can’t quite reach something or doesn’t want to be sat there. She still spends a lot of her day smiling and chatting away but she really lets me know if she isn’t happy about something!

In the last couple of months Amelia has got teeth!! She now has three. The bottom right followed by the bottom left cut through about 2 weeks ago and just this week the top right has cut soon to be followed by the top left I think. Teething really has not been our friend and you can read all about the nightmare few weeks we had here. Quite exciting that she has got some though as I was beginning to think she didn’t have any!

Food is going really well. We have recently moved to having sandwiches for lunch which she absolutely loves! She also looks mega cute eating a mini sandwich. I think she was ready to move away from being spoon fed for all three meals as she used to get quite stroppy and shake her head a lot. She likes feeding herself so she has more finger foods and bits she can eat herself. Amelia eats quite a few of the meals we as a family have for dinner just cooked a little different and then I still freeze it up as obviously there ends up being extra.  Amelia will mostly drink water if she wants it but since the weather has gotten hotter I have started carrying her beaker around wherever we go offering it to her more. She will happily drink quite a lot which is really good and a relief to make sure she is hydrated in the heat.

photo 1

This lovely weather we have had recently we have really made the most of! Lots of garden activities and fun in the paddling pool. Amelia loves splashing in the pool and playing with her toys and is a great way to cool her off. With the nice weather however often brings a sweaty baby!! Trying to keep a hat on Amelia’s head has been great fun the last couple of weeks; it manages to last a maximum of 5 minutes and then it just becomes a repetitive game of throwing it onto the floor which is not good from a sun safety point of view. Amelia is not a huge fan of the hot, humid nights and has taken longer to settle for naps often waking up with wet sweaty hair (eww) and for her big bed-time sleep. We have been really making the most of sunny days as you never know when they might disappear (fingers crossed they don’t!).

image (3)

Amelia is actually pretty funny for a 10month old baby. When she does something that is clever/good and hears people cheering, clapping and getting exciting she screams with excitement and mimics the noises she hears. If she makes people laugh she repeats what she has just done knowing it will get a reaction and this can go on for a while! Her talking is really developing; she has finally said “mama muma” which as you can imagine was a really exciting day. And she refers to the dog as “woo woo” whenever he comes into the room which is really cute. She points at him gets so overexcited and just shouts “woo woo, wooo wooo”.  Amelia has also started waving which is another thing that seriously adds to cuteness!!

The last couple of months we have had a few activities and trips. We went to the oceanarium for the afternoon which Amelia really loved seeing all the fish and sea animals as it was something she had never seen before. We had one of her little friend’s first birthday which was super fun and I dressed Amelia up like a princess! Obviously she looked uber cute. We have done some messy play, been out for some walks and had a couple of trips to the park.

Made with Repix (

image (6)

Amelia’s next update will be here 12 months update; so when she is 1! That sounds absolutely mad but I have already started mentally planning her birthday party already.

Thanks for reading! xx


It might rain…

This is our second vlog, slightly delayed due to having a poorly baby! Actually managed to figure out the camera a bit more for this weeks but still not as happy with it as I could be. Would love to have some feedback either commented on the youtube video or as a comment on here.

Thankyou so much for watching and if your on youtube send me your links so I can subscribe!

Have a lovely day x

Series: Mummy Essential Project – Week 2

Mummy Bloggers Community is a blog and twitter feed run by Gemma from Sunshine on a cloudy day and hosts my favourite twitter chat of the week! The twitter chat is #mblogchat and runs on a Friday night between 8pm-9pm relating to all things mummy! It is always a super busy chat and you get to talk to so many different people! Make sure you follow @mummy_bloggers to keep up to date with that. There is also the Mummy Essential Project that takes a different theme each week for everyone to write a post on a topic and link up. It is great to share posts as something you write could really help someone! I know I’ve read lots of great advice through blogging and link-ups are an even better way of sharing.

mummy bloggers chat log

So this weeks Mummy Essentials Project is CLOTHING. Right I’m only supposed to talk essentials (hence the name) so I won’t jibber for too long about hours spent in Gap, Zara, Next and Jojo Maman Bebe!

You can find all the linked posts here:

Mummy Blogger Community – #mummyessentialproject Week 2


I made a huge mistake when it came to buying clothes and bought so many gorgeous dresses in 0-3month size. This was silly as they were too big and Amelia just looked so funny in dresses when she was a newborn! I would definitely stick with vests and sleepsuits for newborns with a couple of sweet outfits. Poor Amelia was dressed up in dresses just to get wear out of them; I ended up selling most of them as virtually brand new items!

IMG_0451 IMG_0473IMG_0460

As you can see she looks so mini in the dresses and the sleepsuit even looks big but much cosier for a newborn to be in that!!

Sleepsuits with the built in scratch mits are a serious MUST HAVE as the separate mits aren’t as good and they do fall off. Most places stop having them attached at about 6months but Jojo Maman Bebe are my lifesaver of a shop that keep mits on up to 12months I believe. Amelia still goes to bed with her hands covered sometimes (bit of a routine thing for her) so buying sleepsuits from there is great for us!

Now, getting dressed is a really key part of Amelia’s day. She knows that going into a sleepsuit means bedtime and getting dressed in the morning means she is up for the day! Some mornings I find it quite difficult getting Amelia dressed as there is too much choice!


Even though they are babies I think you find what clothes and colours suit them and what bits you like best. I bought a pair of dungarees before I had Amelia and then when I came to use them they were so awkward as they didn’t have poppers around the legs so to change her nappy you had to actually take the entire outfit off! Things like that you learn and her current pair of dungarees have poppers right round the legs (Thank you Little Bird Mothercare!).

Amelia has a range of clothing from dresses and tights, leggings and top sets to trousers and dungarees! I love getting a variety of bits for her and have found that blogging has enabled me to find lots of shops I might never have heard of before.

Blouse & leggings Dress & tights Top & Leggings set Tiny Leaf Jumpsuit Dress & Tights

It is really important not to go too overboard with clothing and make sure you get use out of the bits you buy. There is nothing worse than clearing out a wardrobe to find bits that they can’t fit into and having to sell them without them being worn.

Other essentials for me have been cardigans in plain simple colours that can be worn with lots of outfits. She had one fluffy zipped jacket from Gap bought by a friend that she basically lived in for a few months and I was so sad when she grew out of it. Vests still are an essential as Amelia wears them at night and during the day. She wears short sleeved ones at night and sometimes long sleeved during the day to go under pinafores and dungarees!

An essential that will be coming up soon will be her first birthday outfit…ok maybe not an essential but a special outfit that I can’t wait to buy!

Another tip I would stress is that buying quality is most of the time better. I found that some items from places don’t wash very well or shrink when tumble dried; yes they might have been cheaper but has Amelia been able to get the wear out of them? Probably not.  Clothing can be expensive but the great thing about babies is you can buy bits in advance. I only really buy from Gap when they have a sale (which is most of the time) and Monsoon often have really good sales too. Its good to get some bits ahead for the next size up as all shops sizes are different so they grow into items at different times.

Looking forward to reading everyones linked up posts to the #mummyessentialproject

Don’t forget to visit: Mummy Blogger Community

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Our first VLOG!!

Hello lovely readers!!

So as well as indulging in bedtime reading of my bloglovin feed and other blogs I like to keep up to date with I’ve recently discovered a lot more about vlogging! (That is video-blogging Mum in case you didn’t know!). Spent the majority of my week last week watching the SacconeJoly’s who are just amazing. They do like a daily vlog of what they have been up to and its so funny and really addictive to watch. So I decided that Amelia and myself would give this vlogging business a go. The idea is that we will do one a week of what we have been up to or if there is anything particularly pressing that I want to talk about.

So I dug out my camera and began filming. Safe to say my camera wasn’t up to the job so went back to basics and used the camera on my iphone which isn’t actually so bad. My editing skills really need working on and I need to figure out how to make it full screen but I think these kinds of things only improve the more you do things. For my first attempt at a vlog I am pretty impressed with myself…pat on the back Alice!

Anyway please take a look and subscribe if you want to be up to date with our vlogs!

Thankyou, thankyou thankyou!! xx


TMI Tag!

This is the Too Much Info tag and I was tagged by the lovely Jessica from Lilypod and Sweetpea. I thoroughly enjoyed reading her post which can be found….here. So here is mine and hopefully you will learn some things about me that you don’t know already from reading my blog!

1. What are you wearing?

Pyjama bottoms and black strappy top

2. Ever been in love?


3. Ever had a terrible breakup?

Yep, unfortunately!

4. How tall are you?

5ft 3 on a tall day!

5. How much do you weigh?

About 9stone; lost a stone since having Amelia 8 months ago so pretty pleased with that!

6. Any tattoos?

Yes, one an infinity symbol on my neck

7. Any piercings?

I have two piercings in each ear, but I very rarely wear earrings. I had my nose pierced until about a year ago.

8. OTP?

Thankfully I read this previously on Nicola and Baby J’s TMI otherwise I would have had noooo idea what it meant. One True Pairing for anyone reading who doesn’t know and I would say Chuck and Blair from Gossip Girl.

9. Favourite show?

I’m a bit of a series addict I start watching and then stay up all night watching it for the next couple of weeks until its over. Love things like Gossip Girl, Revenge, Vampire Diaries, Suits, Scandal, Prison Break etc (American shows really!).

10. Favourite bands?

Tough question honestly depends what mood I’m in but love most of what’s in the charts on Radio 1 but love a good sing along and a good power ballad to scream my lungs out too!

11. Something you miss?

My girls! My sis is living in London so a few hours away and most of the girls are at uni in a variety of places. I miss the days where we did nothing at school other than lounge out in the common room, singing and gossiping. Can’t wait until we are all reunited during Easter/Summer!

12. Favourite song?

At the moment my fave song is Pnau Changes (serious summer vibes).

13. How old are you?


14. Zodiac sign?


15. Quality you look for in a partner?

Ummmm got to be funny and understand my sense of humour and sarcasm. But sensitive as well as I’m a girl and do like and need a bit of a cry every now and then. Lust for life and not being phased by other people’s opinions (something I have only recently learnt).

16. Favourite Quote?

“In the end we only regret the chances we didn’t take”.

17. Favourite actor?

I think this changes depending on what film I’ve seen recently or what I’m watching at the moment its Ian Somerhalder who plays Damon in Vampire Diaries and is extremely good looking. He was also in Lost!

18. Favourite colour?


19. Loud music or soft?

Loud, always!

 20. Where do you go when you’re sad?

Beach! Best place to clear you’re head.

21. How long does it take you to shower?

Quite in and out unless I’m washing my hair then like fifteen. Much prefer short showers and long baths.

22. How long does it take you to get ready in the morning?

Depends on what I’m doing. Some days I can be ready in ten others I end up faffing around forever and take ages.

23. Ever been in a physical fight?


24. Turn on?

Sense of humour.

25. Turn off?


26. The reason I started blogging?

A friend suggested it and since then it has developed into much more. Great to use as a diary of mine and Amelia’s life and to see where we started and how far we come each day!

27. Fears?

Clowns. Eugh. Don’t!

28. Last thing that made you cry?

Can’t remember the last time I cried. Probably at the tv!

29. Last time you said you loved someone?

About an hour ago when Amelia went to sleep!

30. Meaning behind your blog name?

Newyoungmum- I’m a new young mum so thought it was easy to remember. Alice and Amelia- I’m Alice and my daughter is Amelia…I think you get it.

31. Last book you read?

Miranda Hart’s autobiography

32. The book you’re currently reading?

Mary Berry’s autobiography

33. Last show you watched?


34. Last person you talked to?

My Dad.

35. The relationship between you and the person you last texted?

One of my best friends Holly.

36. Favourite food?

Steak! Love a good medium-rare steak!

37. Place you want to visit?

New York.

38. Last place you were?

Swimming pool with Amelia.

39. Do you have a crush?

Many celebs!

40. Last time you kissed someone?

Kissed Amelia goodnight about an hour ago.

41. Last time you were insulted?

Not something I tend to remember!

42. Favourite flavour of sweet?

Haribo Strawbs!! Or Jelly Cherry’s.

43. What instruments do you play?

I played the Clarinet in Middle School if that counts (haha).

44. Favourite piece of jewellery?

My Michael Kors watch, got it for my 18th birthday.

 45. Last sport you played?

Pah!! Sport and me do not mix. I danced from the age of 3-18 ballet, tap, modern, jazz, etc but now just do a bit of exercise and swimming to keep mildly fit!

46. Last song you sang?

Amy Winehouse Valerie was on the radio so sang along to that.

47. Favourite chat up line?

Erghh cringe.

48. Have you ever used it?


49. Last time you hung out with anyone?

My mum this afternoon (does that count can you hang with your mum??) If not I saw some friends over the weekend

50. Who should answer these questions next?

I would like:

Thanks for reading!xx