First Birthday Party!

Although this post is not necessarily relevant anymore I haven’t posted about Amelia’s first birthday party yet and thought I would just do a brief post mostly including photos!

So you know those crazy party planners that turn into complete psychos on the day…well that was me! I had a vision of how I wanted it to be and how I wanted it to go and there wasn’t going to be anything getting in the way of that. So I apologise again to anyone who was involved and experienced this! But the birthday and the party were a huge success and definitely an amazing way to spend and celebrate Amelia’s first year of life. We were really fortunate that all important family and friends could make the event and as you can imagine Amelia was spoilt rotten by everyone that loves her.


These were Amelia’s birthday party invites, all completely different and handmade. Took a while so probably won’t be doing that again!! Half got the idea from Pinterest and then a trip to Hobbycraft got the rest of it going.


This was Amelia’s first birthday cake. Made by myself and a close friend of mine who is very talented and did the really hard bit (covering the cake). I was so happy to be able to say that Amelia’s first birthday cake was homemade to a design that I chose and very lucky to have a friend who has a steady enough hand to cover it!! It was just a vanilla sponge with buttercream and jam inside. I was worried making this a few days before if it would still taste yummy by her party but it did and the two weeks later that we were still eating it!




There was so much food! Went a tad overboard with the food; a sweet table and a savoury table. There was a huge variety; I didn’t just want to do sandwiches etc so we had chicken skewers, sausages in rolls, cheese scones then nibbly bits like crisps, cheese and pineapple, vegetables and dips and lots of other bits. The sweet table was my favourite as it included some really yummy deserts most of which are my favourite; brownies, mini keylime pies, strawberry tarts and loads of cupcakes! Pretty much everything that could be homemade was and there wasn’t too much left over so the guests obviously appreciated it too.




It wasn’t the sunniest of days but thank goodness it did not rain so it was an inside/outside kind of affair which was really nice. The party had a few different groups of people ranging from family, family friends, girls I went to school with and mummy and baby friends so having a large space meant there was plenty of room for everyone to mingle but not be on top of one another.

Decoration wise there was lots of balloons and cute bunting that I had found at various places in the lead up to the party. I managed to get some really lovely cardboard cake stands, plates and napkins all in a pink spotty floral pattern from Asda and I had cute striped straws from eBay. I made a ‘Happy Birthday Amelia’ birthday banner which I can see still getting cracked out for Amelia’s 18th birthday or something! I also got some of the honeycomb balls from Sainsburys which came in a pack of three and perfectly fitted the kind of colour scheme I was going for. These again have been packed away ready for the next party!

SAM_2292 dkfjkdjfd

Amelia’s birthday was on the Friday and we had the party on the Saturday afternoon from 2-5pm! It was a really close call but everything was done just in time for a glass of Pimms before the first guests arrived. I know that a first birthday isn’t going to be something Amelia will remember and it was probably more for me but it was such a nice day to spend with everyone in her life and will be great for her to see these photos when she is older!

Here are a few more photos:








Thanks so much for reading! Let me know what you did for your little ones first birthday!


Amelia’s 8 month update!

It’s the 15th April which means that today Amelia is 8 months old!! That is just absolutely mad! Cannot believe how fast the time is going (however cliché that is to say). This post will just be updating you on what Amelia is up to.

8 month walk! Getting a bit heavy for this now Amelia!

Getting a little bit heavy for this now Amelia!

Amelia had her 8 month check couple of weeks ago so before she turned 8 months but hey ho! The health visitor came over just to see how she was getting on. She checked through her red book to see if her immunisations were all up to date, Amelia was weighed and measured. She is now just over 17lb and is 69cm. She is following on the 50th centile and has followed this line since she was born. She also wanted to see if she had reached all the milestones that she should of by 8 months and she had!

For the last month Amelia’s vocabulary has really developed. She’s obviously not reciting Shakespeare but she experiments more with the different sounds her mouth can make. Recently there has been a lot of “bob” “baba” and “blub”. She still says a lot of the “a” sound with “lala” and “rara”. It is quite funny when she makes a new noise/sound as she seems to repeat that then for the next few days. On the same lines as speech she is just sooooo noisy!! From the minute she wakes up to the minute she goes to bed she does not stop jibbering, singing and chatting away. It is so cute but she is actually really loud. There have been a few times when she actually drowns me out of the conversation because I can’t hear what other people are saying or she is making noises over me.

Amelia has also learnt this high pitched scream. It is horrible!! Sounds like she is in pain but she does it and has learned that it gets a very quick reaction from anyone who is around. It is usually attention seeking or used when she doesn’t want to do something. Sometimes when going into her car seat or when she is bored playing with a particular toy.

Amelia does a lot more “playing” now. Rather than just chewing everything (still 70% of the time) and bashing it she actually concentrates on taking the rings off the cone and if we are really concentrating she can stack them back on. This only happens very occasionally and is done with a lot of dribble and a very serious face. She has some plastic spoons which she loves to play with and to hit them onto her stacking cups. Amelia loves looking at the detail of things; spinning a wheel on a toy car or poking at the little buttons on things. This has really become noticeable in the last month. She recently got a toy drum from Nana which makes a drum noise when you bang it and the music button plays a fast forward version of the Macarena (which is a bit weird). She can only do that for a little before she wants to tip it over and look underneath and fiddle with the legs.

She is not yet crawling but does a lot more rolling now and is looking more and more like she is ready to move by the day. She reaches for things and quite often does a bit of a head first action into the floor but isn’t quite strong enough to be on all fours yet!

Trying to crawl is too much!

Trying to crawl is too much!

Food wise we are experimenting more and more as time goes on and the lumpiness of the food is increasing. She had roast beef the other day and tried salmon for the first time; both of which she really enjoyed. She is getting better with finger foods but gets quite distracted by the dog and enjoys dropping food on the floor for him. So finger food can be a little bit of a nightmare. At around 7 months she started having 3 meals a day and enjoys having water with lunch and dinner which I am really pleased with. She can now hold her own milk bottle but isn’t quite there with the water cup!

Sleeping is still very successful most nights. Amelia will go down about 7:30pm and mostly sleep through until between 7-8am then she has a bottle first thing and goes straight back to sleep for anything as little as half an hour to two hours! But like most babies there are some nights with early morning wake-ups for no reason.

This was one of those nights...

This was one of those nights…

We have a few friends with babies of similar ages and a month or two older that we see quite a lot of and she enjoys playing with their toys and spending time with them. Plus it is great for me to have made some friends with babies! Very soon it will be the beginnings of first birthday parties!


Playing with her friend Amber.

Her personality is just developing constantly and I cannot believe how much of a little person she is at just 8 months! Amelia is getting better at recognising people but is very serious with people that she doesn’t know, if you’re lucky you might get a smile! She knows when she is being cheeky and she definitely knows when she is doing something she shouldn’t (I can’t believe they learnt this so quickly!?)

Being a pirate for a treasure hunt!

Being a pirate for a treasure hunt!

With the nice weather we have been outside a lot more on walks which Amelia loves. She is so nosey so enjoys peeping her head out the side of the pram to see what’s going on. Most of the girls I went to school with are back for Easter at the moment and soon it will be the summer holidays so I am really looking forward to some days at the beach and picnics in the park. Some of them haven’t seen Amelia for a little while so she will basically be a giant to them! Plus Amelia’s wardrobe is ready for some warmer weather; pretty summer dresses with little socks and sunhats!

That is probably about it….oh other than it is possible she is getting cuter as the months go on!

Would love to know what your little ones were up to by 8 months.


Loving a bedtime story.

Thanks for reading xx



With Amelia being 5 months old now (crazy right?!) I have been doing some serious reflecting the last few days. I cannot believe where the time has gone and how different my life was a year ago. I was living in Brighton at uni and now I’m back at home taking a year off bringing Amelia up. I honestly couldn’t imagine things being any other way. As I have always said having Amelia has just given me such a drive for the future and for where I ultimately want to be in my life.

At what to most people seems like barely any time at all 5 months really is long, the bond I have created and the relationship I’ve developed with Amelia is incredible. It is a bond you cannot imagine until you have it. I can see her relationships with my family and friends and its overwhelming. I’ve been so blessed with the support I’ve had which has enabled me to be as confident and happy as I am with my life and this is a support that just keeps growing as the months go on. Amelia is nearly sitting up on her own and so much more interested and aware in toys and things that are going on around us.

We have been testing out loads of new baby classes and sessions and now our week is just so busy! With 2 classes on a Monday,1 on a Tuesday, swimming on a Wednesday, 1 on a Thursday and then a day off on a Friday! It its lovely to be so busy and to be meeting people with babies of a similar age to talk to and get advice from. In between all that I see my close friends a lot and when they are back from University. Being busy with a baby is key as it can be a lonely lifestyle with newborns and young babies and I would advise anyone to just suck it up and have the confidence to go to new places and meet new people; and if you hate it just fake a phonecall and leave and you never have to go again ha! (I actually haven’t done this, advice my dad gave to me before going to an under1’s that I thought I wouldn’t like).

With it being January I have obviously made some new year resolutions beginning with the classic lose weight, be healthier, better with money, yada yada. But one important one for me is to be grateful and to appreciate what I’ve got. I have a gorgeous healthy baby who couldn’t make me any happier and wonderful people to share her life with, I came across this article on a blog and loved it things constantly overlooked that EVERYONE should be grateful for;

Change can come into peoples lives uninvited or unasked for and for some people it can be a negative thing but it is something you have to accept. Life is constantly changing and you are never where you think you are going to be in a year or can never imagine how it is possible for life to be where it is .

I watched the film About Time the other night where he has the ability to travel back in time and to begin with every-time he does something wrong or when something doesn’t work out exactly like he expects he goes back and redoes it. I’m sure if we had this power everyone would use this thousands of times a day. Eventually he realises that he needs to live his life as it is and what will be will be. Or what you do is what becomes.

“And in the end I think I’ve learned the final lesson from my travels in time; and I’ve even gone one step further than my father did: The truth is I now don’t travel back at all, not even for the day, I just try to live every day as if I’ve deliberately come back to this one day, to enjoy it, as if it was the full final day of my extraordinary, ordinary life.”

I think ultimately to be in the place I am right now, I have fully accepted the change that my life took and realised as cliche as it sounds that ‘everything happens for a reason’. 

A weekend away…

Got that serious Sunday night feeling tonight of being ready for bed and sad that the weekend is over!

Amelia, my parents and myself went down to Cornwall to stay with some friends for the weekend. They have recently moved there into a new house in Liskeard, its a lovely upside-down country house. I live in Poole so Cornwall is about a 3 hour drive, we left Friday about 2pm and arrived just after 5pm which was so good. Amelia slept the entire car journey as I timed it so she had a feed right before we left so she was due when we arrived. But before we even get to the car journey my packing was disgraceful! I managed to forget a cardigan and a jumper for myself and pajamas but didn’t forget a single thing for Amelia. Now I’m not one to usually pack light but packing with a new baby takes over…I took so much stuff and all of it was everything I needed. Having being so used to just having it in the correct places at home I had forgotten how many things a baby needed.

The boot of the car looked as though we were moving in for the next few months!! 

image (18)

Car journey was absolutely fine and arrived to a home-cooked Chinese which was lovely. So nice to catch-up with close friends and be somewhere else for some time. They have a wood-burning fire inside which makes it feel even more chilled. Amelia slept absolutely fine in her travel cot and had her usual feeds which was really good, better than I was expecting.

image (19)

Saturday morning we went from Liskeard down to Mousehole which was just over an hour in the car. Our friends parents live there who we worked out I hadn’t see for ten years! They have an incredible house with an amazing sea view and looks into the idyllic town of Mousehole which is beautiful. The whole town were putting up the Christmas lights which get turned on on the 14th December at the famous lights on night. Amelia obviously went down well with everyone she met being the cute fairly well behaved baby. It was a sunny day so walking through the little village was so lovely.

image (8) image (9) image (10)

image (11) Made with Repix ( image (15)

This trip was technically Amelia’s first holiday so had to get some kind of memorabilia; ‘The Mousehole Cat’ is a story written by Antonia Barber set in the village of Mousehole so it only seemed right to get this book we were then shown by our friends the house where the Moushole Cat is set…

image (17)

After a lovely day in Mousehole we traveled back to Liskeard for dinner and a night in-front of the tv. Judge me if you will but I do enjoy Strictly Come Dancing a little bit of Xfactor and I’m a Celebrity! (Sorry!!) We left Sunday morning and made such good time getting home. Even though I’m a mum I’m still no good  being a passenger in the car…especially the back get that horrid car sicky feeling the entire way which isn’t enjoyable but thankfully the journeys went fairly quick.

It was so so nice to get away for the weekend and catch up with friends. Nice to have some different scenery rather than my house and everyone gets on so well they are just like family. They absolutely love Amelia to pieces and gave me a little break as they were dying to hold her and play with her. I know Amelia is fairly well behaved but I was surprised she slept so well in a different environment; at least I know for the future she would be okay to sleep in a travel cot somewhere else. Now I’ve done it once I don’t need to be so worried about it.

Had an amazing weekend and ready for a good sleep in my own bed!



A baby’s first Christmas…

A first Christmas has to be one of the most exciting things and a time I want to make really special for Amelia and my family but the question that comes to mind is how far do you take it!? The sad fact is they won’t remember their first Christmas and will probably find the wrapping paper the most exciting part and cry through sitting down for so long to open all the presents they have been given.

A baby is a constant expense, going through clothes every few months, millions of nappies and milk powder and upgrading toys to their abilities. I have decided that although Amelia will most likely be getting spoilt this Christmas it will be more practical gifts as she will be needing things throughout this whole year. That’s not me being unkind or not excited that it is her first Christmas but just being a bit more realistic! From her grandparents I’ve asked for a highchair something that she will be needing around February/march time. I’ve chosen the mamas and papas ‘Juice’ highchair in raspberry which also comes with shorter legs to act as a little seat she can sit in up to the age of 5. I absolutely love this highchair and can’t wait for her to be sat up at the table with me.

I ordered a a Christmas sack a while back from Harrow and green which is a personalised hessian brown sack which I’m going to fill. I’ve got lots of weening items from Tommee Tippee; little pots and bowls and some spoons which will go in her stocking but I’m also intending to wrap nappies and Aptamil milk powder too; things I will always need and can get an extra supply of for Christmas to reduce spending in January and February.

Clothing wise I’m not going to buy much. I’ve got her some red and white sleepsuits from Next which look super festive which she can have and wear before Christmas and I’m going to get her a Christmas Day outfit (seen a cute dress in Zara) and something to wear for the under1s Christmas party but going to wait until the January sale for most of my clothing items I want to buy!

Amelia is starting to get a lot more clever with her hands reaching out and grabbing at things with a purpose and absolutely loves the zoo fabric book she has so I got a couple more black and white fabric books and a hand puppet book which I think she will love and I’m going to get a few more stories to put onto her book shelf. Also some more toys that are fitting for her age such as a tummy time ball and other things to shake and that make noises.

Present wise that is probably it but I want to get a few memorabilia to remember her first Christmas. On the website not on the high street I have seen personalised Christmas baubles which I think are lovely but haven’t yet decided which one to get!

I think Christmas for babies and children is such a special time but especially for a baby’s first year their isn’t a time where you aren’t buying or replenishing clothing so I’m not going to go to overboard. Also got to get my thinking cap on for cute presents to get for family and friends from Amelia! Cards with a picture seem like a good idea or maybe a frame with a picture of Amelia inside. Simple but nice ideas!!

I’m really looking forward to the Christmas; having my sister home for a few days and having the girls back from university for the holidays will be really nice. Some of them haven’t seen Amelia since September, can’t wait for them to see how much she has grown!