Countdown box & Christmas cards

This morning I gave Amelia her Christmas box which I wrote about here and she like any sane person went straight for the chocolate calendar! Then the main aim was to get everything out the box so she could get in it…duuh!! She did however really enjoy taking things out the box especially when she saw Curious George and Peppa Pig. Can’t wait to get using all these Christmas bits to get into the festive spirit! It really is a great way to kick of Christmas, cracking out the jumpers and pj’s but not the tree just yet…


IMG_3049 IMG_3044


We also made some Christmas cards later today. I popped to Tesco and saw that these Christmas craft bits were reduced to clear so were super cheap. I wasn’t sure if we were going to make cards but when I saw all this stuff I couldn’t resist.


Went with the reindeer theme and did finger prints on one set of cards and a foot print on the other. This didn’t go swimmingly and there was paint EVERYWHERE!!! I turned my back for about ten seconds to wipe Amelia’s foot and she went straight into the paint dish and covered herself in it so it was emergency shower time. Seriously…paint EVERYWHERE!


I am actually really pleased with how they came out. I like that they look smart but home-made at the same time and that they include Amelia. She’s still too little to be cutting, sticking and drawing things so at least some foot and finger prints means that she can be a part of our first Christmas craft that all our lovely family and friends will receive (Sorry for the spoiler!)


Have you done home-made cards with your little ones before?

Thanks so much for reading!xx

First Birthday Party!

Although this post is not necessarily relevant anymore I haven’t posted about Amelia’s first birthday party yet and thought I would just do a brief post mostly including photos!

So you know those crazy party planners that turn into complete psychos on the day…well that was me! I had a vision of how I wanted it to be and how I wanted it to go and there wasn’t going to be anything getting in the way of that. So I apologise again to anyone who was involved and experienced this! But the birthday and the party were a huge success and definitely an amazing way to spend and celebrate Amelia’s first year of life. We were really fortunate that all important family and friends could make the event and as you can imagine Amelia was spoilt rotten by everyone that loves her.


These were Amelia’s birthday party invites, all completely different and handmade. Took a while so probably won’t be doing that again!! Half got the idea from Pinterest and then a trip to Hobbycraft got the rest of it going.


This was Amelia’s first birthday cake. Made by myself and a close friend of mine who is very talented and did the really hard bit (covering the cake). I was so happy to be able to say that Amelia’s first birthday cake was homemade to a design that I chose and very lucky to have a friend who has a steady enough hand to cover it!! It was just a vanilla sponge with buttercream and jam inside. I was worried making this a few days before if it would still taste yummy by her party but it did and the two weeks later that we were still eating it!




There was so much food! Went a tad overboard with the food; a sweet table and a savoury table. There was a huge variety; I didn’t just want to do sandwiches etc so we had chicken skewers, sausages in rolls, cheese scones then nibbly bits like crisps, cheese and pineapple, vegetables and dips and lots of other bits. The sweet table was my favourite as it included some really yummy deserts most of which are my favourite; brownies, mini keylime pies, strawberry tarts and loads of cupcakes! Pretty much everything that could be homemade was and there wasn’t too much left over so the guests obviously appreciated it too.




It wasn’t the sunniest of days but thank goodness it did not rain so it was an inside/outside kind of affair which was really nice. The party had a few different groups of people ranging from family, family friends, girls I went to school with and mummy and baby friends so having a large space meant there was plenty of room for everyone to mingle but not be on top of one another.

Decoration wise there was lots of balloons and cute bunting that I had found at various places in the lead up to the party. I managed to get some really lovely cardboard cake stands, plates and napkins all in a pink spotty floral pattern from Asda and I had cute striped straws from eBay. I made a ‘Happy Birthday Amelia’ birthday banner which I can see still getting cracked out for Amelia’s 18th birthday or something! I also got some of the honeycomb balls from Sainsburys which came in a pack of three and perfectly fitted the kind of colour scheme I was going for. These again have been packed away ready for the next party!

SAM_2292 dkfjkdjfd

Amelia’s birthday was on the Friday and we had the party on the Saturday afternoon from 2-5pm! It was a really close call but everything was done just in time for a glass of Pimms before the first guests arrived. I know that a first birthday isn’t going to be something Amelia will remember and it was probably more for me but it was such a nice day to spend with everyone in her life and will be great for her to see these photos when she is older!

Here are a few more photos:








Thanks so much for reading! Let me know what you did for your little ones first birthday!


Our Week in Photos

I love taking photos so this is just a quick post to show you what we have done this week in photos; 9th June-15th June.

Monday- Messy Play

Monday- Messy Play

Monday- Selfie

Monday- Selfie

Monday- Dog walk

Monday- Dog walk

Tuesday- Little & Big breakfast

Tuesday- Little & Big Breakfast

Tuesday - Strawberry Cheesecake Cupcakes

Tuesday – Strawberry Cheesecake Cupcakes

Tuesday- Getting Strong!

Tuesday- Getting Strong!

Wednesday- Homemade Cheese Scones

Wednesday- Homemade Cheese Scones

Wednesday- Being cute before bed!

Wednesday- Being cute before bed!


Thursday- Garden Princess

Thursday- Garden Princess

Thursday- Fun in the Garden

Thursday- Fun in the Garden

Friday- Girls in Blue

Friday- Girls in Blue

Sunday- Lambretta & Jammscoot buddies

Sunday- Lambretta & Jammscoot buddies

Thanks for looking, hope you like some of our pictures from this week!xx

10 Month Update!

Today is the 15th June which means that Amelia is ten months old!! This is crazy!! I cannot believe she is ten months meaning that she is very nearly one; I say this every time but time is just going too fast.

A lot has changed since her 8 month update.

Amelia & I just this week (June2014)

Amelia & I just this week (June2014)

She was previously in a pavlik harness after being diagnosed with shallow hips at 6 weeks old. Amelia completed the 16 week program in the harness, having physiotherapy and ultrasounds and is now just an outpatient. She had her second outpatient appointment at the beginning of May consisting of an x-ray and a consultant check. As I suspected seeing as she is moving around (still not quite crawling) and baring weight she is still all fine which is a relief. We now don’t have an appointment for 6 months! Movement wise like I mentioned she isn’t crawling but she can definitely move. A combination of rolling, bum shuffling and pulling along the floor and Amelia can definitely get to where she wants to. She is still slightly frustrated with not moving as quick as she would like but I feel like it will happen soon. She absolutely loves being stood up; leaning on the sofa or up against things, she can very nearly pull herself up and once she is up she does not want to be sat back down…tears usually follow!

image (2)

On the topic of tears with the last few months her personality has continued to grow. She has really become her own little person and can go from being the cutest angel to screaming because she can’t quite reach something or doesn’t want to be sat there. She still spends a lot of her day smiling and chatting away but she really lets me know if she isn’t happy about something!

In the last couple of months Amelia has got teeth!! She now has three. The bottom right followed by the bottom left cut through about 2 weeks ago and just this week the top right has cut soon to be followed by the top left I think. Teething really has not been our friend and you can read all about the nightmare few weeks we had here. Quite exciting that she has got some though as I was beginning to think she didn’t have any!

Food is going really well. We have recently moved to having sandwiches for lunch which she absolutely loves! She also looks mega cute eating a mini sandwich. I think she was ready to move away from being spoon fed for all three meals as she used to get quite stroppy and shake her head a lot. She likes feeding herself so she has more finger foods and bits she can eat herself. Amelia eats quite a few of the meals we as a family have for dinner just cooked a little different and then I still freeze it up as obviously there ends up being extra.  Amelia will mostly drink water if she wants it but since the weather has gotten hotter I have started carrying her beaker around wherever we go offering it to her more. She will happily drink quite a lot which is really good and a relief to make sure she is hydrated in the heat.

photo 1

This lovely weather we have had recently we have really made the most of! Lots of garden activities and fun in the paddling pool. Amelia loves splashing in the pool and playing with her toys and is a great way to cool her off. With the nice weather however often brings a sweaty baby!! Trying to keep a hat on Amelia’s head has been great fun the last couple of weeks; it manages to last a maximum of 5 minutes and then it just becomes a repetitive game of throwing it onto the floor which is not good from a sun safety point of view. Amelia is not a huge fan of the hot, humid nights and has taken longer to settle for naps often waking up with wet sweaty hair (eww) and for her big bed-time sleep. We have been really making the most of sunny days as you never know when they might disappear (fingers crossed they don’t!).

image (3)

Amelia is actually pretty funny for a 10month old baby. When she does something that is clever/good and hears people cheering, clapping and getting exciting she screams with excitement and mimics the noises she hears. If she makes people laugh she repeats what she has just done knowing it will get a reaction and this can go on for a while! Her talking is really developing; she has finally said “mama muma” which as you can imagine was a really exciting day. And she refers to the dog as “woo woo” whenever he comes into the room which is really cute. She points at him gets so overexcited and just shouts “woo woo, wooo wooo”.  Amelia has also started waving which is another thing that seriously adds to cuteness!!

The last couple of months we have had a few activities and trips. We went to the oceanarium for the afternoon which Amelia really loved seeing all the fish and sea animals as it was something she had never seen before. We had one of her little friend’s first birthday which was super fun and I dressed Amelia up like a princess! Obviously she looked uber cute. We have done some messy play, been out for some walks and had a couple of trips to the park.

Made with Repix (

image (6)

Amelia’s next update will be here 12 months update; so when she is 1! That sounds absolutely mad but I have already started mentally planning her birthday party already.

Thanks for reading! xx


Spontaneous Pool Session

Wasn’t expecting much sun today but it’s turned out to be a lovely afternoon so got some water in Amelia’s paddling pool and had some fun! A great easy way to entertain babies. Amelia loved it and enjoyed a huge sleep afterwards! As you can see from the pictures Amelia didn’t like keeping her hat on, nightmare baby. And obviously was in need of big cuddles with Nana to warm up afterwards. xx

20140607-153721-56241499.jpg 20140607-153722-56242372.jpg 20140607-153723-56243248.jpg 20140607-153724-56244168.jpg 20140607-153725-56245885.jpg 20140607-153726-56246836.jpg 20140607-153727-56247916.jpg

A Teething Update!

About a month ago me and Amelia had a terrible couple of weeks! I have said a few times “oo I think Amelia’s teething” she had the red cheeks, the dribbling and chewing signs but her temperament hadn’t changed at all! A couple weeks ago I knew that something was definitely happening with Amelia’s teeth as she was just a different baby. She couldn’t keep herself entertained would burst into tears for no reason was off her milk and food and she stopped sleeping through the night. Amelia went from being a smiley content baby to crying and grumpy. It was so horrible to see as it was so unlike her, not something I’ve been used to dealing with. It was quite a stressful couple of weeks and probably one of the toughest times I’ve had with her in her 9 months.

Finally a week and a half a go her bottom right tooth just started to poke through and just days later the bottom left came up too.

photo 3

I was actually quite relieved that she did cut some teeth to have something to show for the complete change in baby!

I managed her teething with the Nelson’s teething granules which I am so impressed with. I would give her calpol about an hour before her dinner so she would get some food in her and most nights she was waking distressed, upset and with a slight temperature about 10-11pm when I would give her another dose of calpol to help her sleep. Amelia usually sleeps 7pm-7am so waking a few times in the night was a shock for us both but thankfully she is back to that now the two bottom teeth have cut through.

photo 5

I don’t think her top teeth will be far off as her gums are looking whiter and getting harder. I really hope they don’t give her as much pain cutting as the bottom ones did!

This was the face I was dealing with for just over a week. Cute but grumpy!!

photo 2

Amelia absolutely loves brushing her teeth. She will let me brush them properly then if I give her the tooth brush and I brush mine she will copy. It is so cute. At the moment I’m brushing them during bath time or just before. When they are fully there I will start brushing her teeth after her bedtime bottle but I’m still getting her used to it and making it a part of her routine!


How did you and your little ones cope with teething?

I completely feel for you if you have a rubbish time with it like we did!

Thanks for reading xx

It might rain…

This is our second vlog, slightly delayed due to having a poorly baby! Actually managed to figure out the camera a bit more for this weeks but still not as happy with it as I could be. Would love to have some feedback either commented on the youtube video or as a comment on here.

Thankyou so much for watching and if your on youtube send me your links so I can subscribe!

Have a lovely day x

An afternoon at the beach

This afternoon we went to an underones group the one most local to me and as soon as we got there Amelia just was not herself. She was being so clingy and then when we went up to take part in the craft she completely burst into hysterical tears and could not calm down. After twenty minutes of attempting to calm her down with milk, water a snack, walking round and toys I gave in and left thinking that she probably just wanted to be at home or due a nap.

We came home and I tried to get her down for a nap but the tears just continued. I decided we would go for a walk and so we drove down to Sandbanks beach and played in the sand. The car journey was long enough for her to calm down (thankfully). I was running out of options but thought some fresh air might do the trick which it did. She spent ages trying to pick up the sand and crinkling her toes in the sand! It was really sunny but still quite windy but lovely for about half an hour.

Here are some pictures I took!






As you can see from the pictures Amelia absolutely hates keeping a hat on; so summer is going to be fun!! I feel really lucky to live so close to the beach so that it is possible to just pop down without any hassle!

Have you taken your little ones to the beach?

Thanks for reading! xx

Under Ones Crafts

Today we had one of our under ones baby groups, they quite often do a crafty activity and I especially enjoyed this one. We made Peter and Paul from the dicky birds song.


Don’t they look cute!!!

The dicky bird song isn’t one I often sing to Amelia but having these as props to use alongside the song makes it quite fun.

If you don’t know the song these are the lyrics or you could youtube it!

Two little dickie birds,
Sitting on a wall;
One named Peter,
One named Paul.
Fly away Peter!
Fly away Paul!
Come Back Peter!
Come Back Paul!

Coincidently enough Amelia has a matching sleepsuits which is covered in funky birds. So tonight before bed we sang Peter and Paul!


The birds were really easy to make with just lolly sticks felt cut out and feathers and eyes to decorate but I’m sure there are lots of other different ways to make them!