Baby Modelling Experience

Those of you who follow me on Twitter and Instagram have probably seen more than enough about Amelia’s Jojo Maman Bebe photo shoot but now the pictures have gone live on the sight I wanted to share with you my experiences.

Back in May 2014 I saw a Facebook post from Jojo Maman Bebe after babies and young children for a photoshoot in Poole and Bournemouth (where I live) and to send details and pictures to the following email address. I like every other parent think my child is the perfect model so I applied.

We heard back over the next few days and were invited for a casting at our local Jojo Maman Bebe where Amelia tried a few outfits on for size and they took a couple of shots. The lady Alice who was in charge was so lovely and told us all the information we needed to know and that we would hear from them within the next week and when the shoot dates were.

Sure enough we heard back that they wanted to shoot Amelia on these dates and the locations would be confirmed the night before. Obviously I was so excited and told everyone!!

The day of the shoot came and we were heading down to one of our local beaches Branksome Chine. It was perfect blue skies shorts weather but the downside was it that it was boiling which can only lead to stroppy/irritable babies!!

We were greeted and shown to which section of beach everyone was congregating on and I was given one of Amelia’s outfits to put on. This was the waiting game where all I can advise is toys and food! There were about 6 babies there all had to be shot in a couple of outfits and at separate times. Amelia seemed to be in a great mood a bit aggy with the sun in her eyes but happy with the Jojo staff and super smiley. She even left a hat on which is a rarity!

It came to Amelia’s turn and exactly what I had hoped not to happen happened. Tears and lots of them. The photographer was great and Alice and the other staff were so lovely and patient in helping to distract Amelia and make her smile. It’s funny most of the babies seemed to react in a similar way once sat in their spot by the sea with everyone in front of them staring. They did thankfully get the shots and we then moved onto her second outfit. This shoot again came with lots of tears but a few smiles and once again they were pretty certain they got the photo. You can’t help but apologise because you’ve been chosen to get these photos but have no control or idea as to how your baby is going to react. The Jojo team were amazingly calm and really positive which really helped!

We were there from 9am-12pm which was plenty long enough for Amelia, especially as it was outside location.



The bottom picture completely demonstrates Amelia’s thoughts on the whole modelling thing! She was not impressed!

We were invited to come and shoot again on the Sunday morning at a local hotel that backs onto the waters edge and the marina (a perfect photoshoot backdrop) and I was a bit more prepared this time. I didn’t have such high expectations that I had previously had. Of course Amelia wasn’t going to be beaming smiles for these random people she’s only just met and it must be quite a daunting experience.

Similar to the other day two outfits and just waiting your turn. She wore a gorgeous white lace floral dress first that she looked extremely cute in that again had a few tears to begin with but she did warm. Then she put on a little romper and they wanted her to hold onto the back of a mini deck chair. Unfortunately Amelia was having none of this and actually fell over only making matters worse.I can’t stress enough how professional, patient and polite the Jojo Maman Bebe photographer and staff were. I mean they waited and we tried again let her have some lunch and a sleep but Amelia bless her had just had enough and they were so fine about it, which eased my guilt!

We were paid in vouchers for our time and were to receive a copy of all the photos they had. This suited me perfectly it is one of my absolute favourite shops for Amelia so I had no problem spending the vouchers.

To be honest it had almost slipped my mind and the disc arrived in the post. It was quite funny to flick though like a set of pictures following Amelia balling her eyes out but they somehow with a naughty tearful model still managed to get some amazing shots.

Then the most exciting bit was this weekend when I saw Amelia on the website and in the catalogues. Proud doesn’t even come close to how it feels to see my beautiful little baby in there (although how big has she got!!!!)

These are the three shots that were used of Amelia;



jojo edit

I love all three of these photos especially the swimming nappy and the floppy hat, I could show you a tonne of photos but I shall resist!!

And here she is in the catalogue (PROUD MUM ALERT!):

Jojo Maman Bebe Catalogue SS15

This post is mostly rambling and showing off Amelia’s gorgeous photos but key points if your going to do baby modelling;

  • Don’t expect too much.
  • Be patient.
  • Act as normal as you can around your baby, they don’t know any different.
  • Stick to normal feed & nap times.
  • Bring lots of food and toys!!
  • Like always your baby has to come first. If it’s not working it’s not working, don’t try and force it. (When Amelia had really had enough I said no)
  • Try and enjoy it. It’s probably a one off experience!

Thanks so much for reading!xx

Weekend Baby Style #3

Another week has gone by and another week of Amelia dressing better than me!

Here’s what she is wearing this weekend:



Long Sleeved Grey Tshirt With Bow- Zara

Pink Ditsy Patterned Leggings- Gap

Large Pink Bow- The Bow Boutique


I love this outfit. The leggings for Gap are a bit small so come up super skinny but they are great for an afternoon of playing round the house. Paired with this comfy grey top from Zara you can’t go wrong. I actually went with a smaller bow clip but it didn’t last long with this stroppy pants!!



Cream Lace Dress- Zara

Pink tights- The Little White Company

Bow- The Bow Boutique


This dress was a sale item and I’ve been waiting for an occasion to wear it and thought a day of shopping and catching up with friends was perfect! Although her snowsuit will be coming along in the car incase anything involves mess! I love tights that have a different coloured toe and these are such a great fit. And obviously the outfit is finished off with a perfectly matching bow!

So cute right!?



What do you think of Amelia’s outfits this weekend?

Thanks for reading!xx

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Weekend Baby Style #1

We had a mixed weekend but both had one snotty and full of cold little girl. She wouldn’t stand still for photos but here is what Amelia has worn this weekend. Two very different outfits but I love them both!




Raspberry Cord Skirt: Jojo Maman Bebe

Basic White Top: Tesco

Green Striped Fair-isle Cardigan: Jojo Maman Bebe

Floral Tights: Jojo Maman Bebe

Green Bow Clip: The Bow Boutique




As you can see from the bottom picture and Amelia’s red nose she has had such a bad cold bless her. Saturday we went to see some family friends for a birthday party, I didn’t get a full shot of her so used one (top photo) from the other day. I love this outfit and each item could easily go with other bits and bobs and make new outfits. The skirt, cardigan and the tshirt were all January sale items! I got a set of floral clips from The Bow Boutique the green one matches perfectly and finishes the outfit off nicely.



Skinny Denim Wash Jeans: River Island Mini

CUTE Tee: Zara

Red Knitted Cardigan: Mothercare

Gruffalo Socks: Sainsburys

Glitter Gold Bow: The Bow Boutique

IMG_0996 IMG_0998


This is one of my favourite outfits Amelia has. I love her in these skinny jeans they were such a good purchase! They are a really good fit and the quality has been amazing and only £10. I love Amelia in red and this cardigan is nice and thick perfect for this chilly weather. When I first bought this outfit I said that slogan tee’s weren’t really something I was into but I think this one is an exception. It really is so ‘CUTE’! Love how the glittery gold bow looks with this outfit but unfortunately it didn’t last much longer in Amelia’s hair. I think this outfit makes her look really grown up and is perfect for a Sunday round the house.

Both outfits will be worn with either Wellies or her Clarks shoes.

Thanks for reading!xxx

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My #NEXTMAS Wishlist!

I absolutely love Next for their baby clothes and amazing bits for Amelia. However as I’m there more than I would like to admit I have become quite partial to some bits for myself! I find with all their clothes its great quality and really lovely designs. I could easily have every item in Amelia’s size but I have selected some of our top Christmas picks to share with you including bits for myself and obviously Amelia!



1.First item is this gorgeous Berry Ditsy Print Playsuit. I love the deep tones of raspberry and purple and think it would look lovely on Amelia in colder weather paired with a big cardigan and a bow I could so see Amelia stomping around in this!

2. My second item is a pick for myself; Black Microsuede Thigh Boots. I’ve been desperate for some over the knee boots and these are just the ones! They would be perfect for the winter season with a dress or jeans and a big scarf. I love the suede look I think it makes a change from leather look boots and I know they would be a tight fitting boot which is exactly what I want.

3. Third on my wishlist is this Christmas Jumper Dress. I love the panelled changing colours and think the little gingerbread men are so cute! Could definitely see Amelia wearing this and nice to follow the Christmas jumper obsession but have something slightly different.

4. Carrying on the Christmas theme is this Grey Robin Sweater for myself. I don’t actually have a Christmas jumper (SHOCK)! For me its a toss up between a really terribly tacky Christmas jumper and one that is actually a nice jumper and this fits in the latter. Would love to wear this in the lead up to Christmas to feel extra festive.

5. Fifth on my list is this set of Heart Snuggle Pyjamas. Now Amelia is a bit older she does still wear sleepsuits to bed but I just think she looks really cute in actual grown up girl pj’s! I love all three of these and you could do some mixing and matching to swap them around too. And who doesn’t love a new set of pj’s for Christmas!

6.This is another pick for myself are these Sheepskin Slippers. I was never much of a slipper wearer but as the weather has turned it is my feet that are ALWAYS cold so I find myself double layering the socks to keep my toes warm! These would definitely keep my feet warm and I think they look super stylish. I know these are from the older girls section but I have small feet so they do my size!

7.For the perfect party look I have chosen this Pink Tutu. I’m not the type to dress Amelia in big tutu’s on a daily basis but they are very sweet and think with the upcoming party season this would be the perfect addition to Amelia’s wardrobe. Either a Christmas party or delivering presents to friends can picture Amelia running around with this on now.

8. My last pick is this beautiful Pink Padded Jacket. This would really keep Amelia warm and toasty when we are out and about on Winter walks. It’s fleece lined and has a hood which is a huge bonus as a couple of Amelia’s jackets and coats don’t have hoods which is annoying. Love that it is too bright so although it is pink it would probably go with a lot of her wardrobe!

So that is my finely tuned #nextmas wishlist! What would be on yours?

Amelia’s Outfit of the day

I love dressing Amelia and have so much fun shopping for her and putting together outfits. She has quite a lot of clothes and is way more stylish than me!

Thought I would link up with The little life of Ickle Pickle baby outfit of the day linky and show you all what Amelia is wearing today.


I didn’t manage to get a picture of the outfit before I put it on and taking it off a sleeping baby to do so probably wouldn’t be wise!

She is wearing a bright pink and red striped vest from H&M. They were in a 3 for £10 offer at the time so got them in a couple of colours.

The denim pinafore is from Next. I find this a huge staple for Amelia- it goes with everything. She had one 3-6months and it was seriously missed when she grew out of it so I was really happy when I saw this in Next for £10.

The tights are Slugs and Snails ‘Storm’ tights, got through Itsy Bits Childrens Boutique website. Which retail at £12. I absolutely love them they are so unique and I get so many people commenting on them. They are one of her most worn items as they are so cool!

I especially love this outfit because it is so bright and colourful. I really enjoy dressing her in all different colours not just pink! Here’s Amelia posing for some more pictures in her baby outfit of the day!


You can follow me on INSTAGRAM to see more of Amelia’s outfits.

Thanks for reading xx

Ickle Pickles Life

The Easter Bunny has arrived…

Today was Easter Sunday and therefore Amelia’s first Easter.

Obviously this is another milestone but as she is still quite little we didn’t get up to that much. I have so many ideas for things to do when she is older and can’t wait to do crafts with her, egg hunts and buy her lots of sweet treats. I’m sure she will take after me in the loving of chocolate, I basically ate an entire Easter egg in 10 minutes today…oops!

I saved her bunny sleepsuit from Jojo Maman Bebe to put on last night in the hope I could get some pictures of her in the morning looking like a bunny. But as things go with baby’s Amelia decided she didn’t want to keep it on and had a nappy incident this morning as soon as she woke up so that Easter bunny was no more.

I gave Amelia an Easter egg box which she had great fun with for a while. She wasn’t bothered about the inside of the box just throwing it around and poking her hand in the cardboard hole and scratching at the foil covering the egg. She was quite alarmed when she saw me opening a different box and then eating!

image (3) photo 1 (1)

I decided that to carry on the theme we would get all of her toy bunny rabbits out to play with; one of which is a Peter Rabbit who is so soft. While she was doing this I decided to have an attempt at making some bunny ears for Amelia. I found some glittery card in the cupboard; pink and silver and thought that what a perfect way to make girly bunny ears! Pretty straight forward really although sticking onto glittery card is very difficult and involved clothes pegs to hold it all to set for a while. I had a headband that I didn’t really like on Amelia so I attached the glittery ears to that.

photo 2 (1)

Amelia only had the ears on for a small amount of time before she yanked them off…thankfully I saved them before she broke them. But hey they were fun to make and she looked so very cute in them which makes up for the fact that the house and Amelia’s scalp is covered in glitter.

Made with Repix ( photo 3 (1)

We watched Frozen this afternoon with my Mum as she hasn’t seen it and Amelia did actually watch bits of it in-between playing; mostly during the songs. During this Amelia tried some chocolate; she just sucked it and then had chocolate whiskers for the rest of the afternoon but I don’t think she that fussed over it. More for me then, thanks meelie!

Amelia also had her first lamb roast today which she really enjoyed; it is great now she eats a lot more of what we have for dinner or a similar version of! Hopefully doing batches of freezer food will soon be coming to an end.

She missed her afternoon nap so Amelia was absolutely knackered by 7pm. Carrying on the Easter theme she went to sleep in another Jojo Maman Bebe sleepsuit; funky chicks!

photo 5

Hope you have all had a wonderful Easter Sunday.

Thanks for reading xx

The Bows and Booties Boutique Review…

I was super lucky to receive some bits from The Bows and Booties a company a first came across on twitter! They have bits for boys and girls creating a boutique of shoes, socks, bibs, cardigans and blankets! They have an ebay shop where you can purchase these lovely items (The Bows and Booties Boutique ebay shop)

I wasn’t sure what I would get so was very excited when my parcel arrived!


As you can see from the picture I was sent a gorgeous white, green and pink floral blanket, a neckerchief  dribble bib and some really cute pom pom shoes!

A dribble bib is an essential for Amelia these days and the great thing about this one is that it comes down quite long rather than some smaller ones that seem to get caught up underneath Amelia’s neck and twist around loads! Its a velcro attachment which is quite big so you do have some leeway with looseness and tightness of the bib. Also it coming in pink is a plus!!

The blanket is my favourite thing I received. It has an indented floral rose print onto it. It is mainly white but has bursts of pink and green a really nice colour combination. I have found that it is the perfect size for a car seat so ever since receiving it that is where it can be found but could be used for in a cot too or just a nice blanket to sit on. It is so soft and washes perfectly. Amelia kicked it off when I was carrying the carseat which led me to stand on it leaving a muddy footprint! I worried it wouldn’t come out but came out the wash looking brand new! Something which has to be possible with babies as washing is just every mums favourite thing to do.

The little pom pom shoes are just sooooo cute. Amelia doesn’t very often wear shoes because she pulls them off and the pom poms seem to taste great according to her but these are really sweet to just pop on which a little outfit. Thankfully the pom pom is on really securely and won’t come off not even with Amelia yanking it! I got a 0-3month size shoes which Amelia has only just grown out of (at 7 months). I think she has quite small feet though but shoe sizes are very difficult with babies. photo 2 (3)Very cute and very girly!

The Bows and Booties can be found on twitter make sure you follow them: Bows and Booties

They also have an ebay websate which can be found here: The Bows and Booties Boutique

From having many emails back and forth with them they are really friendly which makes a company much more appealing for me. The pricing for items is also so reasonable! The quality of the products are great and taking all these things into account its a shop I will definitely purchase from!

Thank you xxx

photo 1 (3)

Tinyleaf | Review

Tinyleaf logo from tinyleaf website

Tinyleaf is an eco-friendly company I came across via their twitter account which took me to their website!

Once I got to the website I fell in love with these guys…

tinyfeet characters- Tinyleaf Website

tinyfeet characters- Tinyleaf Website

These characters are printed onto vests, jumpsuits and tshirts (how sweet?!)

My favourite was the zebra so I got the zebra jumpsuit for Amelia in 3-6months.

It arrived quickly in the post which I was very happy about!- nothing worse than waiting forever for that delivery you know is coming.

Amelia has now worn the jumpsuit a few times and I’m really happy with the quality. Its comfy, the poppers do up nicely and the product washes well and dries nicely without shrinking!

This is Amelia in her jumpsuit:

Made with Repix (

I think its a really sweet lazy day playtime outfit. For comfort reasons and it is just super chilled. The cream cotton then just the one animal print on it means there isn’t too much going on.

Jumpsuits- Tinyleaf Facebook

Jumpsuits- Tinyleaf Facebook

Seeing them all in this picture above folded makes me wish Amelia’s wardrobe was filled with them all. Choosing one of the these fun cute characters to put on for the day would be amazing!! What I also think is lovely is that these items are unisex each item would look just as sweet on a little boy or a little girl and any of the characters would suit whatever baby you have!

Tinyleaf are all about organic clothing but not just the clothing itself they take this into consideration for every aspect of the product from start to finish.

Tinyleaf – Why Tinyleaf:

That’s why every decision we make, from the way our tiny clothes are printed to the packaging it arrives in, is made with a planet friendly attitude. If there’s a way to use eco-friendly, organic or recycled materials we’ll make sure we do!”

The fabrics, graphics, label, tags and packaging are all organic, previously recycled items, 100% water-based inks  and are then recyclable themselves.

This is such a great mindset to have and to bring into your child’s life. Not every item of clothing needs to be organic and eco-friendly but just having one or two bits could be really helpful!

I know I will definitely be getting some more.

A really friendly company, excellent prices and great communication.

Tinyleaf logo from tinyleaf website

Tinyleaf logo – Tinyleaf website

How to find Tinyleaf:

Tinyleaf Website

Facebook Tinyleaf

Follow Tinyleaf

Thanks very much for reading and I hope you follow Tinyleaf on twitter and buy some Tinyleaf bits for yourself!


6 month update…

After reading a few of peoples posts on development updates I was inspired to do one myself for Amelia who is actually now about 6 and a half months (28 weeks). I cannot believe she is over 6 months old absolutely no idea where the time has gone! The fact that she is closer to being 1 than newborn is madness.

She has changed so much and in the last month I would say the most she ever has in every different aspect.


Amelia’s personality has really developed and along with that a slight temper! When she really doesn’t want to do something i.e. getting dressed or dry after a bath she lets out the most high pitch shrieks and straightens her legs or tosses her head around almost having a mini tantrum (ha!?) We laugh at everything from hitting me in the face, pulling my hair and bashing our toys around but it is a very cute laugh so I don’t mind as much!

Now that she is sitting up unaided I got her a new seat for the bath:1904069_10203054892671091_207761847_n

Bath time is great fun we have our cups and ducks in and splash around like a crazy thing. This seat is great as it sticks solidly to the bottom of the bath and keeps her upright so she can enjoy the bath without being held or propped up by me.

Just got Amelia weighed today and she is now 16pounds 9ounces but she feels a lot heavier!!

Currently in the beginnings of weaning. I waited until she was about 24 weeks to start and she is finally getting the hang of it. It is so much harder than I thought it would be though so doing a mixture of finger foods that she can pick up suck/bite/chew herself and then some mashed bits off a spoon from me. This seems to be working out really well for me as she is definitely digesting food but she is also getting really good at the finger foods so a bit of baby-led weaning. (Weaning post to follow)

photo 4

She loves her toys now and playing. I think when Amelia was really little I would put toys into her hands and she would just stare at them not interested but now she reaches for what she wants shakes things around, bangs them together and seems to actually enjoy playing. She is actually really good and just sitting with her toys on her own either on her play mat or in the babygym.

We are super busy with baby groups and swimming most days and although had a few sleeping incidents in the last week she is mostly going to bed between 7-8pm and sleeping until about 7-8am followed by a nap immediately after her morning feed (lazy baby!!)


Amelia is wearing mostly 6-9/6-12month clothes now although some 3-6months bits do still fit and she has some really lovely bits which you can see in my other post Amelia’s spring wardrobe.

I’ve decided instead of selling Amelia’s vests and sleepsuits I’m going to make a patchwork quilt out of them instead. I think dresses and outfits I will sell but I can use other bits towards the quilt. So far I’ve cut out most of the squares I need so I will do a post on how I’m intending to make the quilt soon!


Think that is pretty much it! 6 months has flown by so quickly and I can’t believe how much of a little person she is now!


Amelia’s upcoming Spring wardrobe

Thought I would do a post on Amelia’s upcoming wardrobe from 6-9months and 6-12months. Its bits I’ve bought myself, been given as gifts or had for a while that have only just started to fit but I thought I would show you all some of what I’ve got and some of the outfits she will be wearing.

photo 2 (2)

The bits on the far right were from GAP. A few weeks ago I went in there (GAP castlepoint) and honestly it was one of the best shopping experiences I have ever had. The manager greeted me and my sister on the way in and as we started to look through the baby things he came over with a top in the correct size and told me that he wasn’t sure exactly what size my baby was but this top was just £1 and they had lots of sale items, which he showed me toward. There was lots of great stuff and I managed to get an all in one with a cute collar with mint green bows on as the design reduced down to £7 in the sale!

The manager then asked if we had Grazia this week as inside was a 30% off voucher but not to worry if not as he would send another member of the sales team over and I could sign up online and I would get 30% off my shop today and receive further discounts whenever I shop with them. So from GAP I got a couple of the tops in the sale that were just £1 a pair of jean leggings, the bow all in one and the most gorgeous pink floral jumpsuit which is part of the new Paddington Bear range; all of which came to £24!!!



Paddington Bear range floral jumpsuit- GAP

I was so pleased with this and couldn’t justify buying anything else that day because I had got so many bargains all great quality and beautiful clothing plus amazing service and great staff! (Thanks GAP!!)

photo 1 (1)

These dresses were all gifts over Christmas but have just about started to fit; the pink one will be great for a party dress or a special occasion, I’m thinking Amelia will wear this one for my birthday which is in a few weeks!. The checked blue is another from GAP, the bright blue and white spot is chord from H&M and the purpley spotted one was a Christmas present from The White Company which came with some matching tights; it is actually sized 3-6months but has been slipping off her shoulders so decided to wait until it fitted properly to wear! All really cute Spring-time dresses.

My biggest problem that I didn’t realise until over this weekend was that sleepsuits stop integral scratch mits on baby grows in Next, Mothercare, Marks and Spencer etc. This for me is a nightmare; Amelia just cannot get off to sleep with her hands out (too many distractions) and will not keep the separate mits you can buy on. I managed to find some sleepsuits that do keep the integral mittens on them. Jojo Maman Bebe; this was a shop a friend of mine introduced to me as she got Amelia a few bits from here as gifts at my baby shower but there wasn’t one local at the time only online! But a store was located in Westbourne just fifteen minutes away at the beginning of 2014 which I was SO excited about. I love all of their clothes for babies and they stock some great toys and baby essentials. Now the pricing may seem slightly more expensive but its definitely the best quality baby clothes I have. Baring in mind Amelia’s clothes get washed constantly I have some sleepsuits that basically look brand new haven’t shrunk or bagged or discoloured at all which is a mega plus. So I went on a slight splurge and got 5 sleeptsuits. They have some really gorgeous patterns which made it difficult to choose but I did eventually. Also a plus on these is that they are 6-12 months rather than 6-9months so even though a slightly more expensive purchase at the time I think I will definitely get my moneys worth out of them!

photo 1

Jojo Maman Bebe also have some really lovely summer dresses that I couldn’t bring myself to buy just yet but I’m sure I will be back in for those very soon!

Just after Christmas I received a late present for Amelia it came with a few bits but included in these was the cutest little leggings and top set from M&Co a shop I hadn’t heard of but have a few items for Amelia that have come as gifts from there. This is 9-12months but I already know that Amelia is going to look gorgeous in this combination.

M&Co- Leggings and Top Set.

M&Co- Leggings and Top Set.

The final bits I wanted to share with you were some things from Mothercare. In Mothercare they stock the Little Bird range by Jools Oliver which again is some really really lovely stuff. I was really tempted by their cot bedding when choosing but they didn’t sell it as a bundle at the time so didn’t go through with it. But its all great patterns and really stylish designs for children and babies which I love. Amelia has a pair of dungarees which look super cute with different coloured vests and tops on underneath but she has grown out of them and I wanted to get her a new pair so managed to get those from this range and these are proper dungarees with the clasps at the top and the pinstripe inside (just like what I used to wear!!)

Little Bird by Jools- Lightwash dungarees- Mothercare

Little Bird by Jools- Lightwash dungarees- Mothercare

I think these are great and will go with a variety of things although they might need rolling up at the ankles until Amelia decides to get a bit taller!!

Got another item from the Jools Oliver collection;

Floral Ditsy Blouse- Jools- Mothercare

Floral Ditsy Blouse- Jools- Mothercare

lb4217_1These three tops came as a set and thought they would be great under the new dungarees or just with some jeans or leggings; these were £9 for the three which is good and more flowers! Flowers are definitely a Spring time pattern!

photo 3 (2)

Few other tops from H&M reduced in the sale! (Cat print and cream ruffle)

I was also in luck as the local Monsoon was closing down so managed to get some sale items there too!

All of the bits I get in bigger sizes just go in the bottom of a washing bin I have in my room for storage. Now clothes are getting a little tight for Amelia and the new purchases this weekend prompted me to have a bit of a cull again and sort out bits to sell and to put the new bits into her wardrobe.

photo 2

photo 5

New and organised wardrobe!

Hope I haven’t blabbered too much but I love dressing Amelia up in cute outfits especially new clothes!