Homemade Playdough

For Christmas Amelia got some Play-Doh and she loves it so I thought I would give it go and make some myself. It’s really easy to do, really quick and makes lots!

Thought I would share the recipe with you guys in case anyone wanted to try it:



The  only cream of tartar I found was in sachets and one sachet seemed to do the job for each lot! I got a bit carried away and made 3 colours, but I love how bright they came out.  (This recipe makes one ball shown above!)

  1. Put all ingredients in a saucepan and stir until combined add choice of food colouring.
  2. Put over the heat and keep stirring until you feel the texture change.
  3. Take off the heat and keep stirring until one big lump attached to spoon.
  4. It will be quite sticky so you’ll need to work it with your hands until it isn’t.
  5. Store until cool for use – always keep air-tight so it doesn’t dry up!

There are lots of different ways of making playdough you can do it just by adding boiling water which might save on washing up! You can also use wholegrain flour for a different texture, glycerine to give it a shine, glitter for fun, or different scents and if you use self raising flour it makes it super stretchy!!

The only down-side is you don’t get the amazing smell of shop bought play-doh (or is that just me?!)

Hope this is useful and thanks for reading!xx

Amelia’s Favourite Books

Amelia has a bedtime story before bed every night and sometimes looks and has stories during the day too. These are her favourites (or my favourites to read). You will notice pretty much all of them are Julia Donaldson, I think all of her children’s books are amazing and Amelia’s bookcase wouldn’t be half as full if we didn’t have any of her books. Reading and appreciating books is really important and a bedtime story is a really nice element to a bedtime routine. As a child I loved books and would love Amelia to become a little book worm herself!


‘What the Ladybird Heard’ by Julia Donaldson- This is Amelia’s number one book. She’s always since being tiny had this one read to her and think that is why she loves it so much. It includes lots of animals and that lovely sing-song rhyming tone that Julia Donaldson books are famous for. Amelia loves finding the glittery ladybird on each page and pointing to all the animals.



‘The Gruffalo & The Gruffalo’s Child’ by Julia Donaldson- Who doesn’t love the Gruffalo, and with the Gruffalo comes the Gruffalo’s child. Really great stories and they really seem to keep Amelia interested.



‘Tales from Acorn Wood’ by Julia Donaldson- This includes three different lift the flap stories. I believe you can buy each story separate as a board book but I really cannot recommend this book enough. It’s great for a bit more of an interactive bedtime story as Amelia can not only turn the pages but find and lift the flaps which she loves to do. The stories are really sweet and its really nice having all three together!



‘Lunchtime’ ‘Paper Dolls’ & ‘Aunt Amelia’ by Julia Donaldson- These although by Julia Donaldson are slightly different from a lot of her other childrens books. I love the illustrations that is why I ended up getting all three and they are really sweet stories. Amelia’s favourite is lunchtime as she likes to make the noises that the animals make! Definitely recommend these books as they are fab!



‘Hairy Maclary from Donaldson’s Dairy’ by Lynley Dodd- I loved this book as a child and it is becoming a firm favourite of Amelia’s even though she only got it for Christmas! a rhyming sing songy kind of book which is great for Amelia’s age and she loves all the pictures of the dogs and the big scary cat at the end!



‘Peppa Pig Fairy Tail Little Library’- These Peppa Pig stories are great for on the go. You get 6 in a collection and they are super short but as Amelia is a huge Peppa Pig fan they keep her occupied. We have the original set and this fairytale version. Would definitely suggest getting a set of smaller books for taking out and about as books can be great distractions while you swig your coffee!


I also find sound books are great for Amelia’s age too but we keep these for during the day rather than bed time books! What are your little ones favourite stories?

Thanks for reading!xxx

Learning Lollipops

This is just a super duper quick post to share with you something I made earlier this week. I can’t quite remember where I got the idea from…most likely Pinterest but thought I would share it.

Amelia is at the age where she is starting to notice different colours and shapes and there is nothing wrong with having a few learning tools around the aid this.

What’s great about this is that its super simple and cheap to make yourself, I think the felt was £1.50 and the lolly sticks were £1 from Tesco and it probably took me about an hour to cut each one out with a template I cut from cardboard.

I’ve only used them once so far. I took the opportunity when she was having a little snack after her nap which is usually when she is in the best mood to just sit down in front of her and show her them and say the colours. Then each time she picked one up I would repeat the colour. She can say blue and attempted purple which as you can imagine sounded really cute. I wasn’t expecting her to be able to say them all but it’s a great ten minute burst activity to do to aid little ones learning.

I find myself talking about objects a lot more to Amelia these days, I find I will say “Can you get Mummy the car…the red car….the red car that goes beep beep” repeating certain words to help her to understand and able her to start repeating and saying more words. So helping her to recognise different colours with the support of a little DIY project is definitely going to help.

Would love to know if you have made any learning tools? Or if you give this one a go!

Thanks for reading! xxx



Everything Mummy

Toddler Bedroom Inspiration

Amelia never had a fully decorated nursery so I am really looking forward to decorating a toddler room. It will be a slow process probably ending when she goes into a big girl bed but that should help to spread the cost and give me time to source all the things I really want at the best prices.

I’ve been having a browse online at what kind of theme if any I like and what colours I like. The walls are already an off white cream colour and they will be staying that way. Her nursery bedding was all yellow as I couldn’t find anything pink that I liked that wasn’t covered in hearts or giant tacky characters and I want the yellow to continue but intend to bring in a bit more of a pink floral theme.

I actually got some bedding in last years Next sale which I think is pink and yellow butterflies so that can help get the ball rolling but its likely I will get another set too.

Her bedroom is a really good size so there is room to have lots of different bits going on. I love the idea of having crisp white furniture a cosy bed layered with quilts and blankets and a teepee reading corner filled with bean bags and tonnes of cushions to snuggle down with all of Amelia’s favourite stories.

I also like the idea of the room being a bit mismatch but all cute with the mix of pastel colours.

I’m at the beginnings of looking into things so this will probably be a series over the course of the next few months. None of these are definite purchases just getting some ideas and inspiration flowing.

Compil with numbers

  1. I adore this floral quilt from Zara. I think its the perfect pattern with the ditsy floral design but I think it would need to be on top of a more plain bedding set. You can get it in cot/single size and is around £39.99.
  2. This is the Bella Butterfly pink cotton bedset from Laura Ashley and I think this and the above quilt would go perfectly together. You can get all the bits to go with it like a curtain, rug, lampshade etc but I love this set and Laura Ashley bedding is really good quality plus the combination of flower filled butterflies is perfect.
  3. This pink striped cotton rug is an absolute bargain and is most likely going to feature in Amelia’s bedroom. It’s a really great size has anti slip protectors on the back and is a complete steal from H&M at only £14.99. (Yes they do one in blue those with boys!)
  4. I love blankets and having them folded up ready to snuggle under and this would be the perfect addition to a little girls room. This is another pick from Zara who has the most gorgeous selection of blankets, I could easily have them all. I love the panelled sections of different patterns in this blanket but I would only get it if it was still in the sale at £19.99.


Lights compil numbers


  1. I really love this Flower Tree Lamp from Next and think it could be a good statement piece on a white bedside table.
  2. I love these Cable & Cotton Marshmallow fairy lights and think they would add perfectly to Amelia’s room draped over the end of her bed or around her book case or over her teepee to add to cosy bedtimes. You can get these in a variety of lengths and are really reasonable in price.
  3. This isn’t the light shade I want to have but something dainty with some beads on so it can stick around for a few years as her room grows up! This one here is from Laura Ashley.

postcard compil

These prints are all from This Modern Life who sell a selection of the coolest home-ware and if you decorated entirely from them your baby/childs room would be the coolest around.

I love the idea of having a cluster of these prints postcard sized in frames on one of her walls. I think they are so cute and they have so many to choose from. I wouldn’t definitely go for these specific ones but I picked a few of my favourites. I think having these on the wall would change the dynamic of the room slightly and jazz it up a little bit.

Storage numbers compil

These are my storage picks; I’m not going to bore you with me comparing prices on different furniture sites of pretty much identical white wardrobes and chests of draws but thought I would share the fun stuff.

1. I love these House Shelves from Next. I think they are cute and fun and would look really great staggered on one of Amelia’s bedroom walls with little statement trinkets in. You can get these in a few places but these are £18 from Next which is pretty good for 3!

2/3/4/5. These are all Storage Boxes form H&M and are only £3.99. I love the idea of having one in each pattern and they are a really good size for a really good price.

6. This is a Storage Cube to put the above Storage Boxes into. They would be stacked and probably look really cool! This is from Argos and I have also discovered they do a ready made 4X Storage Cube which would probably work out cheaper. I would just need to check out the dimensions of the boxes to make sure they would fit. The Great Little Trading Company do a similar idea to this in their storage section but its quite pricey so sometimes you have to buy from a few different places to keep the cost down but it would still look the same!

7. This is another one from H&M (who knew they did homeware…I didn’t until this search and so reasonable!!) I love the idea of this Wooden Storage Box sitting on her dressing table or next to her bed with that nights choice of book in. It looks like a wagon which I think is super fun and just a bit different.

8. Not so much storage but such a cute Photo Frame it says “Mom and Me” from Zara.

9. Another possible shelving idea are these Pretty Trim Shelves in pink and white. Makes a change from just normal shelves and £25 for them both from Next is a good price.

Seating Compil numbers

I’m not entirely sure if I want a little table and chair in Amelia’s room just yet as I might want that for downstairs but whilst I’m thinking about it these are the ones I would choose from.

  1. This a Pyramid Bean Bag which I would put inside her teepee. I love these from the Great Little Trading Company and they are a really good size but possibly too pricey so I would be looking around for one in more or less the same pattern as I like that it incorporates lots of different pastel colours.
  2. I love this Chair from IKEA. I’m not sure if its the fat legs, the bubblegum pink or the fact that its £7 I just love it and whether its for a bedroom or downstairs I think its a must.
  3. And if your getting the chair you have to get the matching Table which is also a bargain at £17.
  4. This Whittington Chair is another pick from Great Little Trading Company and poses the same problem as the bean bag chair…love it but maybe its too much money. Would maybe look out for it going on sale as I would love to get it in either pink/white/yellow.

Cushions with numbers


My final picks are a selection of cushions all completely different with mismatching patterns and sizes but I think they would look really inviting bursting out of Amelia’s teepee or scattered on her bed.

  1. This Little Fairy Butterflies Cushion is from John Lewis and if I went with butterfly bedding would sit nicely on top.
  2. This is the Provence Rose Cushion from Cath Kidston. I think every room should have something Cath Kidston and I really love this print.
  3. This Bella Butterfly Cushion matches the bedding I chose waaay at the top of this post from Laura Ashley.
  4. Floral Embroidered Cushion is from H&M and follows all other items from there in being a great price at £7.99.
  5. Fox Cushion is from Next. Who doesn’t love foxes especially when it is only £8.
  6. Like their blankets Zara have got a plethora of gorgeous cushions this Little Flowers Patchwork design being one of them.
  7. Little Dots Cushion is another beautiful Zara cushion (oops!) Its quilted with stars and then the bright coloured loose threads are a really nice addition.
  8. This would be more of a little joke as Amelia LOVES broccoli so it would be funny to have this Cushion/Toy from IKEA.
  9. A final pick from H&M is this lovely Frilled Gold Cushion to keep the fashionable side of the room.


I know there is a lot to take in from this post but would love your thoughts. What you like, what you don’t like and point me in the direction of other shops/websites that have bits to go with this floral, girly, cutsie, mismatching bedroom idea!

Thanks for reading!xxx

Everything Mummy

Weekend Baby Style #1

We had a mixed weekend but both had one snotty and full of cold little girl. She wouldn’t stand still for photos but here is what Amelia has worn this weekend. Two very different outfits but I love them both!




Raspberry Cord Skirt: Jojo Maman Bebe

Basic White Top: Tesco

Green Striped Fair-isle Cardigan: Jojo Maman Bebe

Floral Tights: Jojo Maman Bebe

Green Bow Clip: The Bow Boutique




As you can see from the bottom picture and Amelia’s red nose she has had such a bad cold bless her. Saturday we went to see some family friends for a birthday party, I didn’t get a full shot of her so used one (top photo) from the other day. I love this outfit and each item could easily go with other bits and bobs and make new outfits. The skirt, cardigan and the tshirt were all January sale items! I got a set of floral clips from The Bow Boutique the green one matches perfectly and finishes the outfit off nicely.



Skinny Denim Wash Jeans: River Island Mini

CUTE Tee: Zara

Red Knitted Cardigan: Mothercare

Gruffalo Socks: Sainsburys

Glitter Gold Bow: The Bow Boutique

IMG_0996 IMG_0998


This is one of my favourite outfits Amelia has. I love her in these skinny jeans they were such a good purchase! They are a really good fit and the quality has been amazing and only £10. I love Amelia in red and this cardigan is nice and thick perfect for this chilly weather. When I first bought this outfit I said that slogan tee’s weren’t really something I was into but I think this one is an exception. It really is so ‘CUTE’! Love how the glittery gold bow looks with this outfit but unfortunately it didn’t last much longer in Amelia’s hair. I think this outfit makes her look really grown up and is perfect for a Sunday round the house.

Both outfits will be worn with either Wellies or her Clarks shoes.

Thanks for reading!xxx

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Christmas Stocking Ideas…

Its another Christmas themed post I’m afraid! I have been much more organised with Christmas shopping this year and this has actually worked out really well. Most of Amelia’s presents this year have been bought when there were sales on or with discount codes etc which means I’ve spent less…well not entirely it means I’ve bought more. I think its fair to say I have gone maybe not overboard but I’ve definitely bought enough presents for Amelia this year. But her birthday is a long way off so she needs enough bits and pieces to keep her going. I’m finished with Amelia’s Christmas sack/stocking so I thought I would share with you what I have got and it can hopefully give you some ideas if you are stuck or after some inspiration.

IMG_2978 (2)

What I really like this year is that the presents can be separated into groups of things; bath stuff, educational toys, books and arty/messy play supplies. I can’t remember the price of each item but I will include where I bought them; some bits were from actual shops and some online.


Arty Supplies:

  • Giant colouring book – ASDA
  • Painting Tub- ASDA
  • Play Doh – Lidl
  • Paint brushes- Net price direct
  • Water colour paints- Net price direct
  • Chunky crayons- Net price direct
  • Washable Markers- Net price direct
  • Chunky pencils- Net price diret

I’m so excited for these bits to be opened and used. If you frequently read my blog/follow us on twitter you will know that I love doing crafts and messy play activities with Amelia and all of these bits will come in handy for that. This is Amelia’s first colouring book and something like crayons and pencils make for excellent stocking fillers. I found this site Net Price Direct and have actually bought a few bits off here. The prices are quite a discount for what you might spend in shops and they have some really fun bits (especially the wooden toys!)

IMG_2978 - Copy (2)

Bathtime/bedtime bits:

  • Alphabet foam bath letters – Sainsburys
  • Bath Crayons- Sainsburys
  • Gruffalo socks- Sainsburys
  • Peppa Pig slippers- Next
  • Minnie Mouse Cuddle robe- Home Bargains

I’ve wanted the bath crayons for such a long time but thought it was best to wait until she would use them properly and I think foam bath letters are present in every household bathroom if you have children! I love the Minnie Mouse bath towel and its an actual Disney product from Home Bargains and I think it was something like £1.50, could be wrong but it was super cheap. Amelia is a huge huge Peppa Pig fan so pretty sure the slippers will go down well plus they are fur lined so will keep her feet super toasty. The Gruffalo socks were a little extra and come in a pack of three!


IMG_2978 - Copy


Educational toys;

  • Gruffalo puzzle- John Lewis
  • Seashore threading fun- ELC (Mothercare)
  • My complete learning pack cards- ELC (Mothercare)
  • Star links- ELC (Mothercare)
  • Wooden stacking train- Lidl
  • Wooden animal skittles- Sainsburys
  • Stacking cups- Sainsburys

These are the bits I’m probably most looking forward to using. I absolutely love wooden toys and when we were away glamping they had a skittle set that we taught Amelia to play with so I think she will really enjoy these plus she loves throwing and rolling a ball. She has a set of four stacking cups and can stack them but I think this set comes with 10/12 so she can get better at balancing things. This puzzle is great as each one has an extra piece so one is 2 pieces the next is 3 etc etc. She is starting to be able to push pieces together plus who doesn’t love the Gruffalo. The cards are more for introducing words to Amelia being able to point to the picture on the card and say the word so she can start to copy. I’ve seen a lot of threading and cotton reel sets but they are quite intricate but this set comes with thick laces and chunky wooden characters with large holes to thread through. The star links will also be good for concentration play to learn how to push them together and pull them apart. I know babies learn through all of their toys but I don’t see the harm in introducing some educational toys especially when it is as subtle as this!

IMG_2978 - Copy (3)

Books and extras; 

  • Goodies selection box- ASDA
  • Milkybar buttons tube- Lidl
  • The Highway Rat & Zog Multipack- Tesco
  • Peppa Pig Little Library- TK Maxx
  • My first books set of 4-  TK Maxx
  • Sofia board book- G&T’s

Who doesn’t love books! She has got a few other books coming as under the tree presents but these were all my bargain books! We love Julia Donaldson books and have most of the collection with Axel Scheffler but when I saw the multipack for just £5 I had to get it as you can normally only grab one board book by Julia Donaldson for that price. Amelia loves Sofia and although this book only has a couple of pages I think it was £1 and I’m sure she will like it as she will recognise the characters. We already have the original Peppa Pig little library so when I saw the fairytale version I had to get it; plus they are small books which are easy to keep in a bag whilst you are out and about. The set of my first books were an absolute steal for the price. They were £3.99 for the four and are bright, colourful and will be great when Amelia starts saying more words. I haven’t bought books from TK Maxx before but I would definitely recommend having a look as they have lots of great pack’s and sets for really discounted prices.

I have also been pretty eager and wrapped these bits already to get a head start…


So this is it bar the odd present I may just HAVE to buy in the next couple of weeks. I had an entire roll of the brown tree wrapping paper from last year that I thought I would do the stocking bits with and I’m hoping to get some Peppa Pig wrap or something fun for her presents under the tree.

What do you think are great stocking fillers?

Thanks for reading!xxx

Milestones: We’ve got a walker!

Just last week Amelia hit one of the biggest milestones I think there is as she took her first steps!!!

She’s been confidently cruising and walking with a walker for ages but has struggled with finding her balanced unaided and gaining the confidence to let go. She would take the odd step between thing or fall toward the sofa but never properly let go. Last Thursday afternoon she just let go and walked toward me. Four little steps but they were steps!! Obviously I was over the moon and tried to encourage more steps but she just did not seem that interested and was again only taking the odd step between people!

As the start of this week came around she was getting more confident and was starting to stand unaided and then I finally managed to catch her taking 6-8 steps on camera! Now she has really got her balance and is taking steps every day.

Here’s a link to my Instagram to see the videos I have caught of Amelia taking those amazing first few steps.

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First walking caught on camera!!!

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Still can't get over how cute it is having a walking baby!!

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It is such an exciting time and I can’t wait to have an Autumn and Winter of Amelia finding her feet and toddling around!

Amelia was 13 and a half months when she took her first steps, how old was your little one when they started to walk?

Thanks for reading xxx

Playing catch up!!

I can’t believe I haven’t blogged in so long, feel a bit terrible really! But I have had a really busy summer and Amelia’s first birthday and numerous other rubbish excuses that don’t make the cut but I’m here now to catch you all up!

  • So…Amelia is now 1!!! It was her first birthday on the 15th August so just over a month ago, it was such a lovely few days, we had a big family/friends garden party where I fully embraced the crazy party host and Amelia was thoroughly spoilt by everyone. Having a one year old hasn’t made too much difference as babies are constantly changing anyway but she definitely looks older.
  • I go back to University in a couple of weeks (ahhhh) which is exciting/daunting. After having just a year out of learning I think it will be quite a shock to my system but I am excited to get back into the flow of things and get my degree!
  • Whilst I’m at University Amelia will be going to nursery *cries*. I am pretty sad about that, but can’t exactly have her sat next to me whilst I’m in a lecture and it will be really good for her to be around other babies and people without me there. She is quite confident most of the time and happy to be without me so I’m sure she will get on fine. A huge bonus of the nursery she is going to is that it is on university site so if there ever was a problem I am only a few minutes away and that will probably be quite comforting knowing how close we are. The fact that we are both going to the same place should also make it a bit easier rather than having to drop her off somewhere then head off to Uni. I can simply drive there, drop her off, go to my lectures, pick her up and go home.
  • Still have a crawler. Amelia is more than happy to pull up on things, cruise along the furniture, walk with her walker and push things along she just isn’t confident enough to gain her balance standing unaided. Think she knows that she’s a pretty speedy crawler and that’ll do for now.
  • Currently Amelia has been super poorly with tonsillitis. Last week her temperature hit over 39degrees which was scary and she was so out of character she literally spent a day laying on the floor doing nothing, which is really unlike her. We ended up at the out of hours clinic at the hospital and found out she has tonsillitis. She’s been put on antibiotics for the first time ever! But they are seeming to work although getting her to take them is so difficult as she hates the taste and 1 year olds are stronger than you think when they don’t want to do something. Now all that we have left is a bit of a cough and snotty nose, bless her and a ruined sleep pattern. She was waking at around 10:30pm most nights at the end of last week to have medicine and a drink and now she thinks that’s what happens every night…not ideal but at least she is getting better. Its actually really horrible when your baby has a temperature and seeing them so out of sorts, so I am super pleased that she is on the up. Also for my sanity…we have pretty much spent a week in quarantine, house bound. I’ve not wanted to make her any worse or give it to any of her little friends so apart from the odd walk down to the park we pretty much haven’t left the house in 6 days.

Bar all the little things I think that is mostly all the interesting things I have to fill you in on! I’m thinking I will do a belated birthday party post so you can see the decorations and food we had and maybe do a post on Amelia’s Autumn/Winter wardrobe as she got given a lot of lovely bits and obviously I’ve been shopping and put up some pictures of some of our fun summer days out!

I promise I won’t leave it so long next time…here’s what we look like in case you forgot.


Thanks so much for reading!!xxx

Weaning: Where are we now?

Thought I would write this to update you all on what Amelia is eating these days and how she is getting on with the weaning process.

image (3)

Amelia is now nearly 11 months old and has really got it the hang of eating and enjoying food either off a spoon or feeding herself. I guess I do a mixture of spoon feeding and baby led weaning and that works out perfectly for us.

It took Amelia a while to get used to feeding herself and then we would go through phases of a week of it going really well then a week of bad eating but I would say for the last couple months she has been really great.

Breakfast: So for breakfast Amelia will either have porridge or a Weetabix. She used to have the Aptamil baby porridge but now she has the Quaker Oats – Oat so simple. She has both of these with cows milk and had no problem adapting to that!

Mummy & Baby breakfast

Mummy & Baby breakfast

Lunch: At lunch time Amelia will have a sandwich (white/brown/seeded bread) with laughing cow cheese spread, some cheese chunks and a breadstick. Some fruit depending on what we have and then a yoghurt.

She is great with lunch as it is all bits she can pick up and feed herself. She looks toooo cute holding a sandwich and makes her seem like such a little person. Sometimes she will have an omelette or a boiled egg which she really enjoys but it depends how much time we have that day.

It works out really well that she has this more picky kind of lunch as it can easily be packed into a lunchbox if we are out for the day or want to do lunch at a friends rather than having to worry about heating things up and making a mess.

Homemade cheese scones another lunch time fave!

Homemade cheese scones another lunch time fave!

Dinner: At dinner time she will have a variety of things. She will have meals that we as a family have had and then I’ve frozen portions for her or sometimes I cook up separate things for her and freeze them, as there are still some dinners we have that just aren’t suitable for her. Usually she will have; fish pie, lasagne, spaghetti bolognese, salmon and veg, shepherds pie, roast of somekind and pasta with a sauce. This part of dinner is spoon fed and she eats a decent portion size! Then she will have some fruit again and a pudding of some kind usually a yoghurt followed by a biscuit.

Amelia now has 3 bottles a day; one when she first wakes up, one mid afternoon and one before bedtime. I think by the time she is 1 she will be ready to drop the afternoon bottle as sometimes she doesn’t drink very much of it anyway. She has a lot of milk in her diet from sauces, yoghurt’s, cheese and with her breakfast so that makes up for the amount that she should be having along with her bottles.

I have kept her on the Aptamil 1 milk as she is gaining weight as she should be and eats a variety of foods so I didn’t need to swap to follow on milk. Amelia will also drink water throughout the day through a beaker; she is still quite lazy and would much rather I held the bottle for her though!

Its hard to judge as all babies are different but I think she is where she should be with eating. Most foods are lumpy and cut into small pieces and she does really well chewing through them and she seems to enjoy meal times. The only slight problem we face is that sometimes she just feeds her entire meal to the dog who is usually perching right beneath her highchair waiting for food to drop, bit of a nightmare so I usually have to be on standby waiting to catch before the dog gets it!

Amelia enjoying a picnic

Amelia enjoying a picnic

How did you find weaning?

Thanks for reading!xx

10 Month Update!

Today is the 15th June which means that Amelia is ten months old!! This is crazy!! I cannot believe she is ten months meaning that she is very nearly one; I say this every time but time is just going too fast.

A lot has changed since her 8 month update.

Amelia & I just this week (June2014)

Amelia & I just this week (June2014)

She was previously in a pavlik harness after being diagnosed with shallow hips at 6 weeks old. Amelia completed the 16 week program in the harness, having physiotherapy and ultrasounds and is now just an outpatient. She had her second outpatient appointment at the beginning of May consisting of an x-ray and a consultant check. As I suspected seeing as she is moving around (still not quite crawling) and baring weight she is still all fine which is a relief. We now don’t have an appointment for 6 months! Movement wise like I mentioned she isn’t crawling but she can definitely move. A combination of rolling, bum shuffling and pulling along the floor and Amelia can definitely get to where she wants to. She is still slightly frustrated with not moving as quick as she would like but I feel like it will happen soon. She absolutely loves being stood up; leaning on the sofa or up against things, she can very nearly pull herself up and once she is up she does not want to be sat back down…tears usually follow!

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On the topic of tears with the last few months her personality has continued to grow. She has really become her own little person and can go from being the cutest angel to screaming because she can’t quite reach something or doesn’t want to be sat there. She still spends a lot of her day smiling and chatting away but she really lets me know if she isn’t happy about something!

In the last couple of months Amelia has got teeth!! She now has three. The bottom right followed by the bottom left cut through about 2 weeks ago and just this week the top right has cut soon to be followed by the top left I think. Teething really has not been our friend and you can read all about the nightmare few weeks we had here. Quite exciting that she has got some though as I was beginning to think she didn’t have any!

Food is going really well. We have recently moved to having sandwiches for lunch which she absolutely loves! She also looks mega cute eating a mini sandwich. I think she was ready to move away from being spoon fed for all three meals as she used to get quite stroppy and shake her head a lot. She likes feeding herself so she has more finger foods and bits she can eat herself. Amelia eats quite a few of the meals we as a family have for dinner just cooked a little different and then I still freeze it up as obviously there ends up being extra.  Amelia will mostly drink water if she wants it but since the weather has gotten hotter I have started carrying her beaker around wherever we go offering it to her more. She will happily drink quite a lot which is really good and a relief to make sure she is hydrated in the heat.

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This lovely weather we have had recently we have really made the most of! Lots of garden activities and fun in the paddling pool. Amelia loves splashing in the pool and playing with her toys and is a great way to cool her off. With the nice weather however often brings a sweaty baby!! Trying to keep a hat on Amelia’s head has been great fun the last couple of weeks; it manages to last a maximum of 5 minutes and then it just becomes a repetitive game of throwing it onto the floor which is not good from a sun safety point of view. Amelia is not a huge fan of the hot, humid nights and has taken longer to settle for naps often waking up with wet sweaty hair (eww) and for her big bed-time sleep. We have been really making the most of sunny days as you never know when they might disappear (fingers crossed they don’t!).

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Amelia is actually pretty funny for a 10month old baby. When she does something that is clever/good and hears people cheering, clapping and getting exciting she screams with excitement and mimics the noises she hears. If she makes people laugh she repeats what she has just done knowing it will get a reaction and this can go on for a while! Her talking is really developing; she has finally said “mama muma” which as you can imagine was a really exciting day. And she refers to the dog as “woo woo” whenever he comes into the room which is really cute. She points at him gets so overexcited and just shouts “woo woo, wooo wooo”.  Amelia has also started waving which is another thing that seriously adds to cuteness!!

The last couple of months we have had a few activities and trips. We went to the oceanarium for the afternoon which Amelia really loved seeing all the fish and sea animals as it was something she had never seen before. We had one of her little friend’s first birthday which was super fun and I dressed Amelia up like a princess! Obviously she looked uber cute. We have done some messy play, been out for some walks and had a couple of trips to the park.

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Amelia’s next update will be here 12 months update; so when she is 1! That sounds absolutely mad but I have already started mentally planning her birthday party already.

Thanks for reading! xx