Weekend Baby Style #3

Another week has gone by and another week of Amelia dressing better than me!

Here’s what she is wearing this weekend:



Long Sleeved Grey Tshirt With Bow- Zara

Pink Ditsy Patterned Leggings- Gap

Large Pink Bow- The Bow Boutique


I love this outfit. The leggings for Gap are a bit small so come up super skinny but they are great for an afternoon of playing round the house. Paired with this comfy grey top from Zara you can’t go wrong. I actually went with a smaller bow clip but it didn’t last long with this stroppy pants!!



Cream Lace Dress- Zara

Pink tights- The Little White Company

Bow- The Bow Boutique


This dress was a sale item and I’ve been waiting for an occasion to wear it and thought a day of shopping and catching up with friends was perfect! Although her snowsuit will be coming along in the car incase anything involves mess! I love tights that have a different coloured toe and these are such a great fit. And obviously the outfit is finished off with a perfectly matching bow!

So cute right!?



What do you think of Amelia’s outfits this weekend?

Thanks for reading!xx

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Amelia’s Favourite Books

Amelia has a bedtime story before bed every night and sometimes looks and has stories during the day too. These are her favourites (or my favourites to read). You will notice pretty much all of them are Julia Donaldson, I think all of her children’s books are amazing and Amelia’s bookcase wouldn’t be half as full if we didn’t have any of her books. Reading and appreciating books is really important and a bedtime story is a really nice element to a bedtime routine. As a child I loved books and would love Amelia to become a little book worm herself!


‘What the Ladybird Heard’ by Julia Donaldson- This is Amelia’s number one book. She’s always since being tiny had this one read to her and think that is why she loves it so much. It includes lots of animals and that lovely sing-song rhyming tone that Julia Donaldson books are famous for. Amelia loves finding the glittery ladybird on each page and pointing to all the animals.



‘The Gruffalo & The Gruffalo’s Child’ by Julia Donaldson- Who doesn’t love the Gruffalo, and with the Gruffalo comes the Gruffalo’s child. Really great stories and they really seem to keep Amelia interested.



‘Tales from Acorn Wood’ by Julia Donaldson- This includes three different lift the flap stories. I believe you can buy each story separate as a board book but I really cannot recommend this book enough. It’s great for a bit more of an interactive bedtime story as Amelia can not only turn the pages but find and lift the flaps which she loves to do. The stories are really sweet and its really nice having all three together!



‘Lunchtime’ ‘Paper Dolls’ & ‘Aunt Amelia’ by Julia Donaldson- These although by Julia Donaldson are slightly different from a lot of her other childrens books. I love the illustrations that is why I ended up getting all three and they are really sweet stories. Amelia’s favourite is lunchtime as she likes to make the noises that the animals make! Definitely recommend these books as they are fab!



‘Hairy Maclary from Donaldson’s Dairy’ by Lynley Dodd- I loved this book as a child and it is becoming a firm favourite of Amelia’s even though she only got it for Christmas! a rhyming sing songy kind of book which is great for Amelia’s age and she loves all the pictures of the dogs and the big scary cat at the end!



‘Peppa Pig Fairy Tail Little Library’- These Peppa Pig stories are great for on the go. You get 6 in a collection and they are super short but as Amelia is a huge Peppa Pig fan they keep her occupied. We have the original set and this fairytale version. Would definitely suggest getting a set of smaller books for taking out and about as books can be great distractions while you swig your coffee!


I also find sound books are great for Amelia’s age too but we keep these for during the day rather than bed time books! What are your little ones favourite stories?

Thanks for reading!xxx

Weekend Baby Style #2

Another weekend of outfits to show you as we link up with the Weekend Baby Style!

Comfy but casual outfit for Saturday and a planned outfit for tomorrow. I put together Sunday’s outfit the other day and absolutely loved it so now its out the wash it can be worn again tomorrow!



Floral Peter Pan Collar Shirt- Jojo Maman Bebe

Brown Rabbit Jumper: H&M

Cream Needle Cords- Zara

Pink Bow- The Bow Boutique 




I really like this outfit. The cord trousers are great as they have an adjustable waist and I absolutely adore anything with a little collar. I love paring her jumpers with a cute collar. Amelia does not stand still for photos anymore! I love how the bow looks in her hair and think it matches the outfit perfectly.



Denim Pinafore: H&M

Blue Jumper: Little Bird (Mothercare)

Rainbow Tights: Slugs & Snails

Red Bow: The Bow Boutique



As I mentioned this was an outfit Amelia wore the other day but I am desperate to get back on her so she will be wearing this for Sunday. I love the bright jumper I think the colour really suits her and paired with the Slugs & Snails tights that we actually got about a year ago I think its the perfect look. A denim pinafore is a such a staple item in Amelia’s wardrobe too as it can be thrown on with anything.

Hope you like Amelia’s weekend style!

Thanks for reading!xxx

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Toddler Bedroom Inspiration

Amelia never had a fully decorated nursery so I am really looking forward to decorating a toddler room. It will be a slow process probably ending when she goes into a big girl bed but that should help to spread the cost and give me time to source all the things I really want at the best prices.

I’ve been having a browse online at what kind of theme if any I like and what colours I like. The walls are already an off white cream colour and they will be staying that way. Her nursery bedding was all yellow as I couldn’t find anything pink that I liked that wasn’t covered in hearts or giant tacky characters and I want the yellow to continue but intend to bring in a bit more of a pink floral theme.

I actually got some bedding in last years Next sale which I think is pink and yellow butterflies so that can help get the ball rolling but its likely I will get another set too.

Her bedroom is a really good size so there is room to have lots of different bits going on. I love the idea of having crisp white furniture a cosy bed layered with quilts and blankets and a teepee reading corner filled with bean bags and tonnes of cushions to snuggle down with all of Amelia’s favourite stories.

I also like the idea of the room being a bit mismatch but all cute with the mix of pastel colours.

I’m at the beginnings of looking into things so this will probably be a series over the course of the next few months. None of these are definite purchases just getting some ideas and inspiration flowing.

Compil with numbers

  1. I adore this floral quilt from Zara. I think its the perfect pattern with the ditsy floral design but I think it would need to be on top of a more plain bedding set. You can get it in cot/single size and is around £39.99.
  2. This is the Bella Butterfly pink cotton bedset from Laura Ashley and I think this and the above quilt would go perfectly together. You can get all the bits to go with it like a curtain, rug, lampshade etc but I love this set and Laura Ashley bedding is really good quality plus the combination of flower filled butterflies is perfect.
  3. This pink striped cotton rug is an absolute bargain and is most likely going to feature in Amelia’s bedroom. It’s a really great size has anti slip protectors on the back and is a complete steal from H&M at only £14.99. (Yes they do one in blue those with boys!)
  4. I love blankets and having them folded up ready to snuggle under and this would be the perfect addition to a little girls room. This is another pick from Zara who has the most gorgeous selection of blankets, I could easily have them all. I love the panelled sections of different patterns in this blanket but I would only get it if it was still in the sale at £19.99.


Lights compil numbers


  1. I really love this Flower Tree Lamp from Next and think it could be a good statement piece on a white bedside table.
  2. I love these Cable & Cotton Marshmallow fairy lights and think they would add perfectly to Amelia’s room draped over the end of her bed or around her book case or over her teepee to add to cosy bedtimes. You can get these in a variety of lengths and are really reasonable in price.
  3. This isn’t the light shade I want to have but something dainty with some beads on so it can stick around for a few years as her room grows up! This one here is from Laura Ashley.

postcard compil

These prints are all from This Modern Life who sell a selection of the coolest home-ware and if you decorated entirely from them your baby/childs room would be the coolest around.

I love the idea of having a cluster of these prints postcard sized in frames on one of her walls. I think they are so cute and they have so many to choose from. I wouldn’t definitely go for these specific ones but I picked a few of my favourites. I think having these on the wall would change the dynamic of the room slightly and jazz it up a little bit.

Storage numbers compil

These are my storage picks; I’m not going to bore you with me comparing prices on different furniture sites of pretty much identical white wardrobes and chests of draws but thought I would share the fun stuff.

1. I love these House Shelves from Next. I think they are cute and fun and would look really great staggered on one of Amelia’s bedroom walls with little statement trinkets in. You can get these in a few places but these are £18 from Next which is pretty good for 3!

2/3/4/5. These are all Storage Boxes form H&M and are only £3.99. I love the idea of having one in each pattern and they are a really good size for a really good price.

6. This is a Storage Cube to put the above Storage Boxes into. They would be stacked and probably look really cool! This is from Argos and I have also discovered they do a ready made 4X Storage Cube which would probably work out cheaper. I would just need to check out the dimensions of the boxes to make sure they would fit. The Great Little Trading Company do a similar idea to this in their storage section but its quite pricey so sometimes you have to buy from a few different places to keep the cost down but it would still look the same!

7. This is another one from H&M (who knew they did homeware…I didn’t until this search and so reasonable!!) I love the idea of this Wooden Storage Box sitting on her dressing table or next to her bed with that nights choice of book in. It looks like a wagon which I think is super fun and just a bit different.

8. Not so much storage but such a cute Photo Frame it says “Mom and Me” from Zara.

9. Another possible shelving idea are these Pretty Trim Shelves in pink and white. Makes a change from just normal shelves and £25 for them both from Next is a good price.

Seating Compil numbers

I’m not entirely sure if I want a little table and chair in Amelia’s room just yet as I might want that for downstairs but whilst I’m thinking about it these are the ones I would choose from.

  1. This a Pyramid Bean Bag which I would put inside her teepee. I love these from the Great Little Trading Company and they are a really good size but possibly too pricey so I would be looking around for one in more or less the same pattern as I like that it incorporates lots of different pastel colours.
  2. I love this Chair from IKEA. I’m not sure if its the fat legs, the bubblegum pink or the fact that its £7 I just love it and whether its for a bedroom or downstairs I think its a must.
  3. And if your getting the chair you have to get the matching Table which is also a bargain at £17.
  4. This Whittington Chair is another pick from Great Little Trading Company and poses the same problem as the bean bag chair…love it but maybe its too much money. Would maybe look out for it going on sale as I would love to get it in either pink/white/yellow.

Cushions with numbers


My final picks are a selection of cushions all completely different with mismatching patterns and sizes but I think they would look really inviting bursting out of Amelia’s teepee or scattered on her bed.

  1. This Little Fairy Butterflies Cushion is from John Lewis and if I went with butterfly bedding would sit nicely on top.
  2. This is the Provence Rose Cushion from Cath Kidston. I think every room should have something Cath Kidston and I really love this print.
  3. This Bella Butterfly Cushion matches the bedding I chose waaay at the top of this post from Laura Ashley.
  4. Floral Embroidered Cushion is from H&M and follows all other items from there in being a great price at £7.99.
  5. Fox Cushion is from Next. Who doesn’t love foxes especially when it is only £8.
  6. Like their blankets Zara have got a plethora of gorgeous cushions this Little Flowers Patchwork design being one of them.
  7. Little Dots Cushion is another beautiful Zara cushion (oops!) Its quilted with stars and then the bright coloured loose threads are a really nice addition.
  8. This would be more of a little joke as Amelia LOVES broccoli so it would be funny to have this Cushion/Toy from IKEA.
  9. A final pick from H&M is this lovely Frilled Gold Cushion to keep the fashionable side of the room.


I know there is a lot to take in from this post but would love your thoughts. What you like, what you don’t like and point me in the direction of other shops/websites that have bits to go with this floral, girly, cutsie, mismatching bedroom idea!

Thanks for reading!xxx

Everything Mummy

Weekend Baby Style #1

We had a mixed weekend but both had one snotty and full of cold little girl. She wouldn’t stand still for photos but here is what Amelia has worn this weekend. Two very different outfits but I love them both!




Raspberry Cord Skirt: Jojo Maman Bebe

Basic White Top: Tesco

Green Striped Fair-isle Cardigan: Jojo Maman Bebe

Floral Tights: Jojo Maman Bebe

Green Bow Clip: The Bow Boutique




As you can see from the bottom picture and Amelia’s red nose she has had such a bad cold bless her. Saturday we went to see some family friends for a birthday party, I didn’t get a full shot of her so used one (top photo) from the other day. I love this outfit and each item could easily go with other bits and bobs and make new outfits. The skirt, cardigan and the tshirt were all January sale items! I got a set of floral clips from The Bow Boutique the green one matches perfectly and finishes the outfit off nicely.



Skinny Denim Wash Jeans: River Island Mini

CUTE Tee: Zara

Red Knitted Cardigan: Mothercare

Gruffalo Socks: Sainsburys

Glitter Gold Bow: The Bow Boutique

IMG_0996 IMG_0998


This is one of my favourite outfits Amelia has. I love her in these skinny jeans they were such a good purchase! They are a really good fit and the quality has been amazing and only £10. I love Amelia in red and this cardigan is nice and thick perfect for this chilly weather. When I first bought this outfit I said that slogan tee’s weren’t really something I was into but I think this one is an exception. It really is so ‘CUTE’! Love how the glittery gold bow looks with this outfit but unfortunately it didn’t last much longer in Amelia’s hair. I think this outfit makes her look really grown up and is perfect for a Sunday round the house.

Both outfits will be worn with either Wellies or her Clarks shoes.

Thanks for reading!xxx

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My #NEXTMAS Wishlist!

I absolutely love Next for their baby clothes and amazing bits for Amelia. However as I’m there more than I would like to admit I have become quite partial to some bits for myself! I find with all their clothes its great quality and really lovely designs. I could easily have every item in Amelia’s size but I have selected some of our top Christmas picks to share with you including bits for myself and obviously Amelia!



1.First item is this gorgeous Berry Ditsy Print Playsuit. I love the deep tones of raspberry and purple and think it would look lovely on Amelia in colder weather paired with a big cardigan and a bow I could so see Amelia stomping around in this!

2. My second item is a pick for myself; Black Microsuede Thigh Boots. I’ve been desperate for some over the knee boots and these are just the ones! They would be perfect for the winter season with a dress or jeans and a big scarf. I love the suede look I think it makes a change from leather look boots and I know they would be a tight fitting boot which is exactly what I want.

3. Third on my wishlist is this Christmas Jumper Dress. I love the panelled changing colours and think the little gingerbread men are so cute! Could definitely see Amelia wearing this and nice to follow the Christmas jumper obsession but have something slightly different.

4. Carrying on the Christmas theme is this Grey Robin Sweater for myself. I don’t actually have a Christmas jumper (SHOCK)! For me its a toss up between a really terribly tacky Christmas jumper and one that is actually a nice jumper and this fits in the latter. Would love to wear this in the lead up to Christmas to feel extra festive.

5. Fifth on my list is this set of Heart Snuggle Pyjamas. Now Amelia is a bit older she does still wear sleepsuits to bed but I just think she looks really cute in actual grown up girl pj’s! I love all three of these and you could do some mixing and matching to swap them around too. And who doesn’t love a new set of pj’s for Christmas!

6.This is another pick for myself are these Sheepskin Slippers. I was never much of a slipper wearer but as the weather has turned it is my feet that are ALWAYS cold so I find myself double layering the socks to keep my toes warm! These would definitely keep my feet warm and I think they look super stylish. I know these are from the older girls section but I have small feet so they do my size!

7.For the perfect party look I have chosen this Pink Tutu. I’m not the type to dress Amelia in big tutu’s on a daily basis but they are very sweet and think with the upcoming party season this would be the perfect addition to Amelia’s wardrobe. Either a Christmas party or delivering presents to friends can picture Amelia running around with this on now.

8. My last pick is this beautiful Pink Padded Jacket. This would really keep Amelia warm and toasty when we are out and about on Winter walks. It’s fleece lined and has a hood which is a huge bonus as a couple of Amelia’s jackets and coats don’t have hoods which is annoying. Love that it is too bright so although it is pink it would probably go with a lot of her wardrobe!

So that is my finely tuned #nextmas wishlist! What would be on yours?

My 1st Years review!

There is something really lovely about having everyday items personalised for your baby. Not only does it make them more special but it then makes that item unique and individual to any other. My 1st Years is a company that does just that! They sell a variety of products from teddies and clothes to toys and décor. The pricing is really reasonable and each gift comes with a free gift box; for me I love the way and item is packaged so this is a huge plus! The quality of their products is brilliant and I am going to tell you in a little bit more detail about a blanket we have been reviewing from My 1st Years.

Amelia and I were sent this gorgeous pink fleece blanket with the floral trim. Above the chosen personalisation is also an appliqué floral teddy which I really love! You can have up to 12 characters on your personalisation and it doesn’t have to be your babies name!

image1 (2)

I got so excited when the parcel arrived and opening it to see the signature luxury gift box really made my day. The blanket was wrapped in tissue and then the blanket itself has a little piece of the floral fabric complete with button to hold the blanket together when folded.


The blanket is a great size measuring 75cm x 100cm and is 100% polyester.

The blanket has had multiple uses for us so far; in her pram, in her cot and to just snuggle up with as it really is so soft! It is perfect size for an extra layer in Amelia’s cot with the colder weather, although its main use has been as a blanket for when we are out with the pram. Most of the blankets I have are much bigger and even if they were folded just wouldn’t tuck in right or stay in the pram. Now she’s bigger and sits right up there isn’t as much space in the Quinny to tuck a blanket in and all the bigger ones drag along the floor or get caught up in the front wheel.  As this is perfect size it does not do this plus it looks super cute with her name on it.

image2 (1)


Amelia was poorly here and this blanket was so nice to cuddle up too!

I have washed the blanket and it washes and dries really well and looks brand new so that is another plus as babies seem to get grubby hands on everything no matter how precious it is!

I can see this blanket being a feature in Amelia’s room as a little throw over the end of her bed or inside her little tepee. It is definitely an item that will be around for a long time not just because of its quality but because of how gorgeous it is and how special it is to have her name on it.

You can get this fleecy blanket in three different colours; pink, blue and cream and there are a variety of text colours you can choose for your personalisation. My 1st Years also do other blankets in knit, cashmere and in different sizes.

For me My 1st Years is the whole package and not just the product. I love the website it is really easy to navigate and the checkout process is simple and fast. Quick delivery and then the products arrival in a beautiful box complete with bow really demonstrates the company’s attention to detail and shows the care put into each of their products.

This blanket gets a massive thumbs up from us and it definitely won’t be the last thing I get from My 1st Years (I already have my eye on a few bits for Christmas!)

If you are after a gift for your baby or a friend’s baby /toddler this year this is definitely the place to shop. It even comes gift wrapped and I am  pretty sure every Mum and Dad out there wouldn’t mind a few of these boxes stacked up under the tree!


Check out My 1st Years here.

Thanks for reading!xxx

AskHerFriends – Voucher

For the men who don’t know what to buy their loved ones, mothers, sisters or friends. For that awkward friend who has everything, that first wedding you are attending or that mum to be who you have no clue what to buy for. This is the site you are going to want to look at…


This site is like no other place to buy gifts for women as AskHerFriends focuses strongly on the lifestyle and style preference of whom you are buying for. The website is extremely easy to navigate helping to make the shopping experience stress free.

One of my favourite things about the site is the Idea Map. You follow a series of questions about the person you are buying for narrowing it down to some gifts for you to then choose from. This could be super helpful for those of you who really struggle with gift buying or have no idea where to start!

We live in a world where people have most of the stuff they need and often don’t know what they want. The last thing you want to do is waste your money on a gift that will sit in the back of the wardrobe or worse be secretly returned!! AskHerFriends allows you to scroll through an amazing selection of gifts. They literally have everything from necklaces, cards, bags to days out and hampers. Prices start under £10 and go up to £250+ which makes the site available to anyone and the range in price is perfect as you shop for your different recipient.

So female readers push this website under the noses of your other half, your brother that buys you a rubbish present every year or your dad who never knows where to start. Also let it help you get some excellent gifts for those females around you this Christmas!

Or like I will be doing treat yourself to a little something!

To help you do so the lovely people at AskHerFriends have given friends and fans of Alice & Amelia £5 to spend using the code ALICE or £10 off if you are spending over £30 in your basket using the code AMELIA. These codes are valid until 15th December 2014 so make sure you don’t miss out and get some of your shopping done on this fantastic site!

Happy shopping!!xxx

Plain compendium twitter size

Mid-week Shopping Spree

photo 1 (4)

Did a bit of a mid-week shopping splurge!

Ok so maybe nappies and baby wipes can’t be classed as a splurge but still.

Whenever I’m at the shops I can’t help myself but to by clothing for Amelia. Baby clothes are just too lovely to say no to sometimes and today was no different. I went into Monsoon and looked at the baby bits; they have some gorgeous spring/summer outfits including lots of little sets of dresses and knickers, leggings and tops or trousers and tops. Too many to choose from. I let myself get one set…

photo 2 (4)

The elephant I instantly fell in love with and when I saw it came with these light-weight summer trousers I just couldn’t resist. I love seeing big bold patterns on baby clothes and thought these would be perfect for a maybe soon to be crawling baby and the possible sunshine on its way for the rest of Spring and Summer (one can hope right?!) I thought that the white frilly top would also go perfect with the trousers and with a lot of other things Amelia has too. She doesn’t have much white which is probably a safe bet but she isn’t too mucky so hopefully it won’t get ruined. I like that its frilly and has the embedded floral pattern which would be perfect for a special occasion!

photo 4

In Waterstones at the moment they have a great offer on which includes quite an array of books; buy one get one half price.  Amelia has tonnes of books but a lot of them are by similar authors or collections (Julia Donaldson, Peter Rabbit collection, Wibbly Pig, Humphreys corner etc…) The I Love Mum book is a Mothers Day present to myself it’s a really sweet tale and perfect for a bedtime story. I then had a quick flick through the others on offer and enjoyed Aunt Amelia (Aunt Amelia comes to look after the children and they have a really fun time doing everything but what is left on the list their parents gave them). It was very much coincidence that is Amelia. It’s a great offer that I could have really taken advantage of but two new books is enough for now!

photo 3 (1)

I then went to M&S; not somewhere I got that often only really for underwear sometimes and baby bits! I don’t get that much from there but these caught my eye. She has a vest with a top attached (looks like a peplum top) from Boden which she has worn and worn and basically over-worn so when I saw this I loved the small dot flower pattern and the neutral colours and just know that Amelia will get lots of wear out of it. And the knitted dress; although its getting slightly warmer I still love it. The neckline and button knitted detail is so sweet and pastel colours are so in right now so why not let Amelia get on trend. The tights it came with are also super cool and tights can be used with lots of other dresses she has too. It is a great item because again like the white floral top it could be a bit more of a special occasion outfit. Not sure what special occasions I’m planning on Amelia wearing them too but I’m sure I will find use. Also when it gets too hot this could be really cute with just white ankle socks!

photo 5

I then just popped into Asda was in need of nappies and these are my current choice. They are £10 for 90 which I think is fantastic. The quality of them I think is great and they have a fairly simple plain design. Some nappies can be quite garish with huge characters and patterns all over them. I swear by these Huggies pure wipes and these were on offer £10 for 12 packs; again a bargain! Had to grab those. However at this point my underneath storage on the buggy was full of bags and I had to lug two boxes back to the car…not very easy whilst manoeuvring the buggy. An extra pair of hands wouldn’t have gone a miss but couldn’t say no to these final bargains!

I did get some bits for my Mum for Mothers Day but there is a slight possibility she might see this so don’t want to spoil anything (not that it’s anything fancy Mum if you are reading!).

Love getting some bargains and there really isn’t much that satisfies me more than a successful shopping trip and hanging up new bits when you get home. Well hanging up Amelia’s new bits!

Have you been on a shopping spree recently?

Thanks for reading xx

The Bows and Booties Boutique Review…

I was super lucky to receive some bits from The Bows and Booties a company a first came across on twitter! They have bits for boys and girls creating a boutique of shoes, socks, bibs, cardigans and blankets! They have an ebay shop where you can purchase these lovely items (The Bows and Booties Boutique ebay shop)

I wasn’t sure what I would get so was very excited when my parcel arrived!


As you can see from the picture I was sent a gorgeous white, green and pink floral blanket, a neckerchief  dribble bib and some really cute pom pom shoes!

A dribble bib is an essential for Amelia these days and the great thing about this one is that it comes down quite long rather than some smaller ones that seem to get caught up underneath Amelia’s neck and twist around loads! Its a velcro attachment which is quite big so you do have some leeway with looseness and tightness of the bib. Also it coming in pink is a plus!!

The blanket is my favourite thing I received. It has an indented floral rose print onto it. It is mainly white but has bursts of pink and green a really nice colour combination. I have found that it is the perfect size for a car seat so ever since receiving it that is where it can be found but could be used for in a cot too or just a nice blanket to sit on. It is so soft and washes perfectly. Amelia kicked it off when I was carrying the carseat which led me to stand on it leaving a muddy footprint! I worried it wouldn’t come out but came out the wash looking brand new! Something which has to be possible with babies as washing is just every mums favourite thing to do.

The little pom pom shoes are just sooooo cute. Amelia doesn’t very often wear shoes because she pulls them off and the pom poms seem to taste great according to her but these are really sweet to just pop on which a little outfit. Thankfully the pom pom is on really securely and won’t come off not even with Amelia yanking it! I got a 0-3month size shoes which Amelia has only just grown out of (at 7 months). I think she has quite small feet though but shoe sizes are very difficult with babies. photo 2 (3)Very cute and very girly!

The Bows and Booties can be found on twitter make sure you follow them: Bows and Booties

They also have an ebay websate which can be found here: The Bows and Booties Boutique

From having many emails back and forth with them they are really friendly which makes a company much more appealing for me. The pricing for items is also so reasonable! The quality of the products are great and taking all these things into account its a shop I will definitely purchase from!

Thank you xxx

photo 1 (3)