Baby Modelling Experience

Those of you who follow me on Twitter and Instagram have probably seen more than enough about Amelia’s Jojo Maman Bebe photo shoot but now the pictures have gone live on the sight I wanted to share with you my experiences.

Back in May 2014 I saw a Facebook post from Jojo Maman Bebe after babies and young children for a photoshoot in Poole and Bournemouth (where I live) and to send details and pictures to the following email address. I like every other parent think my child is the perfect model so I applied.

We heard back over the next few days and were invited for a casting at our local Jojo Maman Bebe where Amelia tried a few outfits on for size and they took a couple of shots. The lady Alice who was in charge was so lovely and told us all the information we needed to know and that we would hear from them within the next week and when the shoot dates were.

Sure enough we heard back that they wanted to shoot Amelia on these dates and the locations would be confirmed the night before. Obviously I was so excited and told everyone!!

The day of the shoot came and we were heading down to one of our local beaches Branksome Chine. It was perfect blue skies shorts weather but the downside was it that it was boiling which can only lead to stroppy/irritable babies!!

We were greeted and shown to which section of beach everyone was congregating on and I was given one of Amelia’s outfits to put on. This was the waiting game where all I can advise is toys and food! There were about 6 babies there all had to be shot in a couple of outfits and at separate times. Amelia seemed to be in a great mood a bit aggy with the sun in her eyes but happy with the Jojo staff and super smiley. She even left a hat on which is a rarity!

It came to Amelia’s turn and exactly what I had hoped not to happen happened. Tears and lots of them. The photographer was great and Alice and the other staff were so lovely and patient in helping to distract Amelia and make her smile. It’s funny most of the babies seemed to react in a similar way once sat in their spot by the sea with everyone in front of them staring. They did thankfully get the shots and we then moved onto her second outfit. This shoot again came with lots of tears but a few smiles and once again they were pretty certain they got the photo. You can’t help but apologise because you’ve been chosen to get these photos but have no control or idea as to how your baby is going to react. The Jojo team were amazingly calm and really positive which really helped!

We were there from 9am-12pm which was plenty long enough for Amelia, especially as it was outside location.



The bottom picture completely demonstrates Amelia’s thoughts on the whole modelling thing! She was not impressed!

We were invited to come and shoot again on the Sunday morning at a local hotel that backs onto the waters edge and the marina (a perfect photoshoot backdrop) and I was a bit more prepared this time. I didn’t have such high expectations that I had previously had. Of course Amelia wasn’t going to be beaming smiles for these random people she’s only just met and it must be quite a daunting experience.

Similar to the other day two outfits and just waiting your turn. She wore a gorgeous white lace floral dress first that she looked extremely cute in that again had a few tears to begin with but she did warm. Then she put on a little romper and they wanted her to hold onto the back of a mini deck chair. Unfortunately Amelia was having none of this and actually fell over only making matters worse.I can’t stress enough how professional, patient and polite the Jojo Maman Bebe photographer and staff were. I mean they waited and we tried again let her have some lunch and a sleep but Amelia bless her had just had enough and they were so fine about it, which eased my guilt!

We were paid in vouchers for our time and were to receive a copy of all the photos they had. This suited me perfectly it is one of my absolute favourite shops for Amelia so I had no problem spending the vouchers.

To be honest it had almost slipped my mind and the disc arrived in the post. It was quite funny to flick though like a set of pictures following Amelia balling her eyes out but they somehow with a naughty tearful model still managed to get some amazing shots.

Then the most exciting bit was this weekend when I saw Amelia on the website and in the catalogues. Proud doesn’t even come close to how it feels to see my beautiful little baby in there (although how big has she got!!!!)

These are the three shots that were used of Amelia;



jojo edit

I love all three of these photos especially the swimming nappy and the floppy hat, I could show you a tonne of photos but I shall resist!!

And here she is in the catalogue (PROUD MUM ALERT!):

Jojo Maman Bebe Catalogue SS15

This post is mostly rambling and showing off Amelia’s gorgeous photos but key points if your going to do baby modelling;

  • Don’t expect too much.
  • Be patient.
  • Act as normal as you can around your baby, they don’t know any different.
  • Stick to normal feed & nap times.
  • Bring lots of food and toys!!
  • Like always your baby has to come first. If it’s not working it’s not working, don’t try and force it. (When Amelia had really had enough I said no)
  • Try and enjoy it. It’s probably a one off experience!

Thanks so much for reading!xx

Weekend Baby Style #3

Another week has gone by and another week of Amelia dressing better than me!

Here’s what she is wearing this weekend:



Long Sleeved Grey Tshirt With Bow- Zara

Pink Ditsy Patterned Leggings- Gap

Large Pink Bow- The Bow Boutique


I love this outfit. The leggings for Gap are a bit small so come up super skinny but they are great for an afternoon of playing round the house. Paired with this comfy grey top from Zara you can’t go wrong. I actually went with a smaller bow clip but it didn’t last long with this stroppy pants!!



Cream Lace Dress- Zara

Pink tights- The Little White Company

Bow- The Bow Boutique


This dress was a sale item and I’ve been waiting for an occasion to wear it and thought a day of shopping and catching up with friends was perfect! Although her snowsuit will be coming along in the car incase anything involves mess! I love tights that have a different coloured toe and these are such a great fit. And obviously the outfit is finished off with a perfectly matching bow!

So cute right!?



What do you think of Amelia’s outfits this weekend?

Thanks for reading!xx

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Sea Air

 Sometimes these cold Winter days can make you want to do nothing more than snuggle under the duvet and plough through your Disney DVD collection but other times when the skies are blue and the sun is shining there is nothing better than wrapping up warm and heading out. Fresh air is such a good addition to your day and tires out the little ones too!

I love nothing more than heading to my favourite place, Sandbanks beach. I’m sure I’ve said before how fortunate we are to live so close to one of the most gorgeous beaches and I really could never not live by the beach. Nothing better than a bit of sea air, watching the waves roll in and feeling the sand between your toes (or wellies in today’s case!)

It could have easily been a summers day down at the beach bar the 2/3degree temperature. The skies were blue and not a cloud in sight .



Obviously I took some photo’s of our little stroll and thought I would share them with you.








The beach is mine, what’s your favourite place?

Thanks for reading!xxx

Weekend Baby Style #2

Another weekend of outfits to show you as we link up with the Weekend Baby Style!

Comfy but casual outfit for Saturday and a planned outfit for tomorrow. I put together Sunday’s outfit the other day and absolutely loved it so now its out the wash it can be worn again tomorrow!



Floral Peter Pan Collar Shirt- Jojo Maman Bebe

Brown Rabbit Jumper: H&M

Cream Needle Cords- Zara

Pink Bow- The Bow Boutique 




I really like this outfit. The cord trousers are great as they have an adjustable waist and I absolutely adore anything with a little collar. I love paring her jumpers with a cute collar. Amelia does not stand still for photos anymore! I love how the bow looks in her hair and think it matches the outfit perfectly.



Denim Pinafore: H&M

Blue Jumper: Little Bird (Mothercare)

Rainbow Tights: Slugs & Snails

Red Bow: The Bow Boutique



As I mentioned this was an outfit Amelia wore the other day but I am desperate to get back on her so she will be wearing this for Sunday. I love the bright jumper I think the colour really suits her and paired with the Slugs & Snails tights that we actually got about a year ago I think its the perfect look. A denim pinafore is a such a staple item in Amelia’s wardrobe too as it can be thrown on with anything.

Hope you like Amelia’s weekend style!

Thanks for reading!xxx

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Baker Baby

Baking with a baby; probably not the easiest thing or the cleanest but pretty fun and cute to watch! Wednesday afternoon I thought it would be nice to bake something with Amelia and we had plenty of ingredients to make vanilla cupcakes with a chocolate ganache to go on top. Nice and simple.

Amelia’s not actually got fully involved with baking before so I was really interested to see what she would do plus it was an afternoon away from toys and doing something new.

Before I let Amelia get involved I weighed all the ingredients out in bowls and melted the chocolate for the ganache and had that setting in the fridge.

We have the cutest apron and bakers hat from My 1st years that I obviously had to dress Amelia up in. She looked so so so cute although she didn’t keep the hat on for very long. Its just a little fabric apron and its gone in the wash and come out looking brand new again so I’m pleased with that. You know how much I love personalised items and when they look this cute it really is the perfect accessory for your baking friend!


I think when baking with a baby/toddler it is important not to expect too much! I love my baking and I’m quite a perfectionist and a bit of a control freak in the kitchen (as in if I’m not cooking I don’t like watching someone else cook in a different way) so I thought I would actually find it really hard to watch Amelia splattering mixture everywhere and rubbing chocolate covered hands into the cakes but it was so nice watching her get involved and seeing how much she could do. I also only let her do things that I knew she could do and jobs that she could be pleased with finishing.

First of all she put the cake cases in the tin. Amelia was really good at this and she could choose which cases she wanted and put them where-ever she liked in the baking tray.

I let her do lots of stirring and tipping ingredients into different bowls and turning the dials on the mixer (just to get rid of any left over lumps!) She loved stirring and peeping in to see all the different ingredients. We talked through what it all was too with Amelia repeating the odd word I said.


I then put the baking tray onto a chair and the cake mixture bowl on the floor and let Amelia fill up the cases. I showed her how to do it and just pointed to different cases and she filled them up. This was the messy bit!!!! Mixture went all over the chair and floor but sometimes you just have to let them get messy. It was so cute watching her puzzle out where to put the mixture and looking at her concentrating face.


Thankfully she didn’t even think about putting the spoon in her mouth until right at the end. And obviously had to give the dog some too!! Don’t fret the spoon got taken straight away once the dog had licked it and I put the rest of the mixture in the cases that were lacking some.




Once they were cooked and cooled I got Amelia set up to decorate them with the chocolate ganache and some sprinkles.


This was the bit that didn’t go down so well…after decorating about 4/5 cupcakes Amelia decided that the ganache tasted too good to put on the cakes and that she would just eat it instead, including what was already on the cakes. This quickly turned into a nightmare meltdown situation of a screaming Amelia with chocolate covered hands running around the kitchen because she wanted the chocolate. I had to finish decorating them myself when she was calming down in the lounge.


Minus the meltdown it was really fun to get her as involved as possible and I was surprised with how much she could do. It’s really important to give babies and toddlers the opportunity to experience new things and tasks that involve a bit of mess.

Amelia was very excited when it came to tasting her product after dinner (sharing with Mummy!)



Do you brave baking with your little one?

Thanks for reading!!xxx



BakedPotato Mummy

Weekend Baby Style #1

We had a mixed weekend but both had one snotty and full of cold little girl. She wouldn’t stand still for photos but here is what Amelia has worn this weekend. Two very different outfits but I love them both!




Raspberry Cord Skirt: Jojo Maman Bebe

Basic White Top: Tesco

Green Striped Fair-isle Cardigan: Jojo Maman Bebe

Floral Tights: Jojo Maman Bebe

Green Bow Clip: The Bow Boutique




As you can see from the bottom picture and Amelia’s red nose she has had such a bad cold bless her. Saturday we went to see some family friends for a birthday party, I didn’t get a full shot of her so used one (top photo) from the other day. I love this outfit and each item could easily go with other bits and bobs and make new outfits. The skirt, cardigan and the tshirt were all January sale items! I got a set of floral clips from The Bow Boutique the green one matches perfectly and finishes the outfit off nicely.



Skinny Denim Wash Jeans: River Island Mini

CUTE Tee: Zara

Red Knitted Cardigan: Mothercare

Gruffalo Socks: Sainsburys

Glitter Gold Bow: The Bow Boutique

IMG_0996 IMG_0998


This is one of my favourite outfits Amelia has. I love her in these skinny jeans they were such a good purchase! They are a really good fit and the quality has been amazing and only £10. I love Amelia in red and this cardigan is nice and thick perfect for this chilly weather. When I first bought this outfit I said that slogan tee’s weren’t really something I was into but I think this one is an exception. It really is so ‘CUTE’! Love how the glittery gold bow looks with this outfit but unfortunately it didn’t last much longer in Amelia’s hair. I think this outfit makes her look really grown up and is perfect for a Sunday round the house.

Both outfits will be worn with either Wellies or her Clarks shoes.

Thanks for reading!xxx

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Mini Me

Last week I posted a photo of Amelia and myself on Instagram and it got a big response of people saying how alike we looked and how you could really see it even more with our faces side by side like this;


I think our eyes and nose are very similar and maybe mouth but its hard to tell because of the size difference. But I do think that this is a definite mini me!

I have always said Amelia has looked like me and looks like me when I was a baby so I did a bit of digging around in the photo albums to see if I could find any similar ones.

From looking at old photos I’ve learned that I had more hair than Amelia and I look a bit chunkier although I remember comparing our red books and for the first few months of life we pretty much weighed exactly the same too…weird eh?! My Mum and Dad quite often say how similar Amelia is to me looks and personality wise. Anyway have a look at these pictures let me know what you think.

They are taken at around similar ages. Me as a baby is on the left in pictures and Amelia on the right.

IMG_4899 IMG_4898


IMG_4904 IMG_4901

IMG_4905 IMG_4902


I think we look less alike as tiny babies but really similar between the first year of life. It’s hard to tell comparing the most recent as it would have been around August time for me as a baby so my hair was blonder due to the summer but still think our faces are pretty similar!!

Is your baby a double of you?

Thanks for reading!xxx