Weekend Baby Style #3

Another week has gone by and another week of Amelia dressing better than me!

Here’s what she is wearing this weekend:



Long Sleeved Grey Tshirt With Bow- Zara

Pink Ditsy Patterned Leggings- Gap

Large Pink Bow- The Bow Boutique


I love this outfit. The leggings for Gap are a bit small so come up super skinny but they are great for an afternoon of playing round the house. Paired with this comfy grey top from Zara you can’t go wrong. I actually went with a smaller bow clip but it didn’t last long with this stroppy pants!!



Cream Lace Dress- Zara

Pink tights- The Little White Company

Bow- The Bow Boutique


This dress was a sale item and I’ve been waiting for an occasion to wear it and thought a day of shopping and catching up with friends was perfect! Although her snowsuit will be coming along in the car incase anything involves mess! I love tights that have a different coloured toe and these are such a great fit. And obviously the outfit is finished off with a perfectly matching bow!

So cute right!?



What do you think of Amelia’s outfits this weekend?

Thanks for reading!xx

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Sea Air

 Sometimes these cold Winter days can make you want to do nothing more than snuggle under the duvet and plough through your Disney DVD collection but other times when the skies are blue and the sun is shining there is nothing better than wrapping up warm and heading out. Fresh air is such a good addition to your day and tires out the little ones too!

I love nothing more than heading to my favourite place, Sandbanks beach. I’m sure I’ve said before how fortunate we are to live so close to one of the most gorgeous beaches and I really could never not live by the beach. Nothing better than a bit of sea air, watching the waves roll in and feeling the sand between your toes (or wellies in today’s case!)

It could have easily been a summers day down at the beach bar the 2/3degree temperature. The skies were blue and not a cloud in sight .



Obviously I took some photo’s of our little stroll and thought I would share them with you.








The beach is mine, what’s your favourite place?

Thanks for reading!xxx

Amelia’s Favourite Books

Amelia has a bedtime story before bed every night and sometimes looks and has stories during the day too. These are her favourites (or my favourites to read). You will notice pretty much all of them are Julia Donaldson, I think all of her children’s books are amazing and Amelia’s bookcase wouldn’t be half as full if we didn’t have any of her books. Reading and appreciating books is really important and a bedtime story is a really nice element to a bedtime routine. As a child I loved books and would love Amelia to become a little book worm herself!


‘What the Ladybird Heard’ by Julia Donaldson- This is Amelia’s number one book. She’s always since being tiny had this one read to her and think that is why she loves it so much. It includes lots of animals and that lovely sing-song rhyming tone that Julia Donaldson books are famous for. Amelia loves finding the glittery ladybird on each page and pointing to all the animals.



‘The Gruffalo & The Gruffalo’s Child’ by Julia Donaldson- Who doesn’t love the Gruffalo, and with the Gruffalo comes the Gruffalo’s child. Really great stories and they really seem to keep Amelia interested.



‘Tales from Acorn Wood’ by Julia Donaldson- This includes three different lift the flap stories. I believe you can buy each story separate as a board book but I really cannot recommend this book enough. It’s great for a bit more of an interactive bedtime story as Amelia can not only turn the pages but find and lift the flaps which she loves to do. The stories are really sweet and its really nice having all three together!



‘Lunchtime’ ‘Paper Dolls’ & ‘Aunt Amelia’ by Julia Donaldson- These although by Julia Donaldson are slightly different from a lot of her other childrens books. I love the illustrations that is why I ended up getting all three and they are really sweet stories. Amelia’s favourite is lunchtime as she likes to make the noises that the animals make! Definitely recommend these books as they are fab!



‘Hairy Maclary from Donaldson’s Dairy’ by Lynley Dodd- I loved this book as a child and it is becoming a firm favourite of Amelia’s even though she only got it for Christmas! a rhyming sing songy kind of book which is great for Amelia’s age and she loves all the pictures of the dogs and the big scary cat at the end!



‘Peppa Pig Fairy Tail Little Library’- These Peppa Pig stories are great for on the go. You get 6 in a collection and they are super short but as Amelia is a huge Peppa Pig fan they keep her occupied. We have the original set and this fairytale version. Would definitely suggest getting a set of smaller books for taking out and about as books can be great distractions while you swig your coffee!


I also find sound books are great for Amelia’s age too but we keep these for during the day rather than bed time books! What are your little ones favourite stories?

Thanks for reading!xxx

Weekend Baby Style #2

Another weekend of outfits to show you as we link up with the Weekend Baby Style!

Comfy but casual outfit for Saturday and a planned outfit for tomorrow. I put together Sunday’s outfit the other day and absolutely loved it so now its out the wash it can be worn again tomorrow!



Floral Peter Pan Collar Shirt- Jojo Maman Bebe

Brown Rabbit Jumper: H&M

Cream Needle Cords- Zara

Pink Bow- The Bow Boutique 




I really like this outfit. The cord trousers are great as they have an adjustable waist and I absolutely adore anything with a little collar. I love paring her jumpers with a cute collar. Amelia does not stand still for photos anymore! I love how the bow looks in her hair and think it matches the outfit perfectly.



Denim Pinafore: H&M

Blue Jumper: Little Bird (Mothercare)

Rainbow Tights: Slugs & Snails

Red Bow: The Bow Boutique



As I mentioned this was an outfit Amelia wore the other day but I am desperate to get back on her so she will be wearing this for Sunday. I love the bright jumper I think the colour really suits her and paired with the Slugs & Snails tights that we actually got about a year ago I think its the perfect look. A denim pinafore is a such a staple item in Amelia’s wardrobe too as it can be thrown on with anything.

Hope you like Amelia’s weekend style!

Thanks for reading!xxx

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Baker Baby

Baking with a baby; probably not the easiest thing or the cleanest but pretty fun and cute to watch! Wednesday afternoon I thought it would be nice to bake something with Amelia and we had plenty of ingredients to make vanilla cupcakes with a chocolate ganache to go on top. Nice and simple.

Amelia’s not actually got fully involved with baking before so I was really interested to see what she would do plus it was an afternoon away from toys and doing something new.

Before I let Amelia get involved I weighed all the ingredients out in bowls and melted the chocolate for the ganache and had that setting in the fridge.

We have the cutest apron and bakers hat from My 1st years that I obviously had to dress Amelia up in. She looked so so so cute although she didn’t keep the hat on for very long. Its just a little fabric apron and its gone in the wash and come out looking brand new again so I’m pleased with that. You know how much I love personalised items and when they look this cute it really is the perfect accessory for your baking friend!


I think when baking with a baby/toddler it is important not to expect too much! I love my baking and I’m quite a perfectionist and a bit of a control freak in the kitchen (as in if I’m not cooking I don’t like watching someone else cook in a different way) so I thought I would actually find it really hard to watch Amelia splattering mixture everywhere and rubbing chocolate covered hands into the cakes but it was so nice watching her get involved and seeing how much she could do. I also only let her do things that I knew she could do and jobs that she could be pleased with finishing.

First of all she put the cake cases in the tin. Amelia was really good at this and she could choose which cases she wanted and put them where-ever she liked in the baking tray.

I let her do lots of stirring and tipping ingredients into different bowls and turning the dials on the mixer (just to get rid of any left over lumps!) She loved stirring and peeping in to see all the different ingredients. We talked through what it all was too with Amelia repeating the odd word I said.


I then put the baking tray onto a chair and the cake mixture bowl on the floor and let Amelia fill up the cases. I showed her how to do it and just pointed to different cases and she filled them up. This was the messy bit!!!! Mixture went all over the chair and floor but sometimes you just have to let them get messy. It was so cute watching her puzzle out where to put the mixture and looking at her concentrating face.


Thankfully she didn’t even think about putting the spoon in her mouth until right at the end. And obviously had to give the dog some too!! Don’t fret the spoon got taken straight away once the dog had licked it and I put the rest of the mixture in the cases that were lacking some.




Once they were cooked and cooled I got Amelia set up to decorate them with the chocolate ganache and some sprinkles.


This was the bit that didn’t go down so well…after decorating about 4/5 cupcakes Amelia decided that the ganache tasted too good to put on the cakes and that she would just eat it instead, including what was already on the cakes. This quickly turned into a nightmare meltdown situation of a screaming Amelia with chocolate covered hands running around the kitchen because she wanted the chocolate. I had to finish decorating them myself when she was calming down in the lounge.


Minus the meltdown it was really fun to get her as involved as possible and I was surprised with how much she could do. It’s really important to give babies and toddlers the opportunity to experience new things and tasks that involve a bit of mess.

Amelia was very excited when it came to tasting her product after dinner (sharing with Mummy!)



Do you brave baking with your little one?

Thanks for reading!!xxx



BakedPotato Mummy

Weekend Baby Style #1

We had a mixed weekend but both had one snotty and full of cold little girl. She wouldn’t stand still for photos but here is what Amelia has worn this weekend. Two very different outfits but I love them both!




Raspberry Cord Skirt: Jojo Maman Bebe

Basic White Top: Tesco

Green Striped Fair-isle Cardigan: Jojo Maman Bebe

Floral Tights: Jojo Maman Bebe

Green Bow Clip: The Bow Boutique




As you can see from the bottom picture and Amelia’s red nose she has had such a bad cold bless her. Saturday we went to see some family friends for a birthday party, I didn’t get a full shot of her so used one (top photo) from the other day. I love this outfit and each item could easily go with other bits and bobs and make new outfits. The skirt, cardigan and the tshirt were all January sale items! I got a set of floral clips from The Bow Boutique the green one matches perfectly and finishes the outfit off nicely.



Skinny Denim Wash Jeans: River Island Mini

CUTE Tee: Zara

Red Knitted Cardigan: Mothercare

Gruffalo Socks: Sainsburys

Glitter Gold Bow: The Bow Boutique

IMG_0996 IMG_0998


This is one of my favourite outfits Amelia has. I love her in these skinny jeans they were such a good purchase! They are a really good fit and the quality has been amazing and only £10. I love Amelia in red and this cardigan is nice and thick perfect for this chilly weather. When I first bought this outfit I said that slogan tee’s weren’t really something I was into but I think this one is an exception. It really is so ‘CUTE’! Love how the glittery gold bow looks with this outfit but unfortunately it didn’t last much longer in Amelia’s hair. I think this outfit makes her look really grown up and is perfect for a Sunday round the house.

Both outfits will be worn with either Wellies or her Clarks shoes.

Thanks for reading!xxx

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Home-made Gifts


Although it is well past the festive period and most people don’t even want to utter the C word this could possibly be a Christmassy post. But got to get prepared its only 349 days until the next one… I’m joking! If I could have posted this in the build up to Christmas I would have but I didn’t want my parents or my sister to know part of their Christmas presents. But the ideas in this post aren’t just for Christmas and could be used at any time throughout the year.

This year after becoming a bit of a Pinterest addict I decided to alongside normal presents do a bit of a home made affair. What started as a couple of ideas soon became an obsession and turned into two giant Home-made Hampers; one for my parents to share and one for my sister. There are so many different ways hampers can be done and if I was to do this again which I probably will I would be more specific with a particular theme for each hamper as these ones were lots of odd bits and bobs thrown in together. But it made a really great present and my recipients really loved them!

Something about receiving a home-made gift is just more personable than any amount of money that can be spent. Obviously for the things I made I did need supplies but I sourced everything via local shops and Amazon and though I don’t have exact costs it wasn’t that expensive. I loved doing this having a secret project going on  and learnt lots that will help me in the future when I do home-made bits again.

Apologise for the photos they were taken in a rush just after I had given these to my family before they started to get used. Would have loved to have taken better ones but just didn’t have the time but you still get the gist.




These are the two hampers; the cream one was for my sister and the darker brown one was for my parents. I was going to get wicker baskets but decided that these would fit in better for use afterwards. I managed to get these at the Range for a few pounds.

I used lots of jars and cellophane bags to put things in so I began collecting used jars from home and bought a few extras. I covered most of the jars with decorative paper just to give them that extra touch which can be easily done.



This was the contents of the two hampers. Quite a few items overlapped then some were unique to the specific person.

homemade 2

The mugs are my favourite items I made and I’m really happy with the way they turned out. They were just plain mugs bought from a cheap shop that were decorated with nail polish. The lettered ones were for my parents and the two with the hearts on were for my sister. A really simple idea that could stand alone with some goodies inside the mug. There are a tonne of ways to decorate mugs too; Pinterest is filled with lots of sharpie mugs!

The decorative H is for my sister. She is moving house soon and I though that could be a really nice touch on her door or just leaning on her dressing table. Again an easy make; cardboard (I used a nappy box) and wool! I was going to add some flowers to it but liked how it looked without.

Both hampers included a jar of Vanilla Sugar Scrub Bars; might seem a bit more difficult but there are tonnes of simple ways to make beauty products with a few purchased ingredients and items from home. I’ve tried one of these and really liked it. As it is home-made you can put as much or as little scrub in it and they can be done in a variety of scents. I loved how the cubes looked piled up in the jar.

Whipped cocoa butter was in my parents hamper for my Mum and although home-made contains all the good vitamins and essential oils you need for good skin.

The Red Onion Chutney was the first thing I made for the hampers. I made this back in November as the longer you leave it the better it is supposed to taste! Really happy with how this turned out and will definitely be doing more jams and chutneys to follow as who doesn’t love a caramelised chutney!!!


food homemade


Brownie bites in a jar as a little treat featured in both hampers!

Rosemary infused oil was in my sisters hamper as she loves Rosemary. This could be done as a little gift to someone who has moved house; a selection of flavoured or spiced oils with some ribbon and labels on could look really lovely and slightly different from the usual giving of a plant.

Chocolate bark was in both hampers and although this was nice it was soo sickly so I would definitely make it differently next time but love the idea of really tasty chocolate treats in cellophane bags.

The mixed fruit Granola was for my sister and probably my favourite looking of the foodie items. She is a huge Granola eating fan and this was home-made so contains a tonne of seeds and dried fruits to kick start your day in the right way!


Things that aren’t in individual photos are candles and truffles. These were both made too but the chocolates were soo rich they could only be eaten like one a day! Definitely something I would do again but would tweak the recipe slightly. And who doesn’t love a home-made candle; such an uncomplicated process and can be jazzed up with decorative jars or scents. There was also a ‘Manly Scrub’ for my Dad in the hamper that seems to have missed the photo.

Things that weren’t made my me included some Turkish Delight, Marshmallows and Mint Imperials in a jar. I think you could put anything in a jar and it would look cute.

 I might do some individual recipes and how-to’s for some of my favourite things or let me know if there is a specific recipe you are after and I can guide you in the right direction!

Have you ever done anything home-made for Christmas/someones Birthday, would love to know!

Thanks for reading xxx

Mini Me

Last week I posted a photo of Amelia and myself on Instagram and it got a big response of people saying how alike we looked and how you could really see it even more with our faces side by side like this;


I think our eyes and nose are very similar and maybe mouth but its hard to tell because of the size difference. But I do think that this is a definite mini me!

I have always said Amelia has looked like me and looks like me when I was a baby so I did a bit of digging around in the photo albums to see if I could find any similar ones.

From looking at old photos I’ve learned that I had more hair than Amelia and I look a bit chunkier although I remember comparing our red books and for the first few months of life we pretty much weighed exactly the same too…weird eh?! My Mum and Dad quite often say how similar Amelia is to me looks and personality wise. Anyway have a look at these pictures let me know what you think.

They are taken at around similar ages. Me as a baby is on the left in pictures and Amelia on the right.

IMG_4899 IMG_4898


IMG_4904 IMG_4901

IMG_4905 IMG_4902


I think we look less alike as tiny babies but really similar between the first year of life. It’s hard to tell comparing the most recent as it would have been around August time for me as a baby so my hair was blonder due to the summer but still think our faces are pretty similar!!

Is your baby a double of you?

Thanks for reading!xxx

Family Friendly Meals!

Life is so much easier now that Amelia just has a smaller or slightly tweaked version of what I have for dinner. Having to cook up purées and different batches of food for Amelia used to be time consuming but I was set on making my own so persevered. I feel like it has paid off as most of the time she isn’t particularly fussy with food and will give anything a try.

I love cooking tasty meals and expanding my food knowledge. We never did have many jars or sauce packets but since having Amelia most meals are made from scratch. I think a lot of people don’t do this because of time constraints but once you’ve perfected a recipe it’s just second knowledge and can get done just as quick. I know what’s going in Amelia’s food and I can fill it with lots of tasty herbs and none of the bad stuff!

Most meals she has exactly the same just chopped a bit smaller and then a few she might have cooked along side with a few tweaks e.g. When I cook a curry she has less spice!

It also means that we can have dinner together. Family meal times are really important to me. I grew up having had dinner together most nights as a family bar when it didn’t suit due to hobbies, commitments and seeing friends but it’s a really good way to catch up on everyone’s day. Obviously Amelia can’t quite fill us in on what she has been up too. But you get the idea.

Here are some meals that we have that are perfectly suitable for a 16month old baby:

  •  Lasagne
  • Bolognese
  • Chilli (less spice)
  • Shepherds pie
  • Fish pie
  • Chicken casserole
  • Sausage casserole
  • Stir fry
  • Fish cakes
  • Chicken curry (less spice)
  • Roast dinner
  • Fajitas (less spice)
  • Tomato pasta
  • Creamy chicken pasta
  • Salmon and veg

I’m sure you all have lots of food ideas so I won’t go on anymore. Just wanted to show that meal times don’t have to be a gazillion different meals and times. That lots of different meals can be adapted to suit those eating.

Amelia’s favourites are fajitas, lasagne and fish pie. She loves holding her own mini fajita and munching through it. Then the bolognese based sauce for a lasagne Amelia also enjoys but think her favourite bit is the garlic bread! Amelia absolutely loves broccoli she eats it by the handful so she usually gets a side of that with any meal it suits.

Big & Mini Fajitas

Big & Mini Fajitas


What are your little ones favourite meals?

Thanks for reading!xx