This post was written in September 2013- although out of date the best way to introduce myself and my daughter Amelia!

I’m Alice, a new young mum to Amelia who was born 15th August 2013.

15th August 2013

15th August 2013

I’m 20 years old and was in my first year of university when I found out I was pregnant. It has been a huge learning curve in the months leading up to the birth of Amelia in trying to figure out my future and understanding the complexity of babies.

I have had many questions that sometimes I have found difficult to get answered so I am writing this blog in an attempt to make things simpler. I also spent hours scrolling through the internet to read stories of people who had been in a similar situation to me and didn’t manage to find anything I could relate to so hopefully someone in the future will come across this blog and find it insightful for them.


Life as I knew it will no longer be the same; whilst all my friends are going back to University and carrying on with the lives they created for themselves at the beginning of last year (just like I did going off to university) I am now taking a hold on that to be a mum full time for the next year. Initially I was studying at Brighton University which is about 2 hours from my home. This seems less than practical now I have a baby; don’t really want to be living alone and so far away from my support system i.e. mum and dad! Luckily all going well I should be able to transfer my course to Bournemouth University starting next year(September 2014). This will make things much easier as it is my local University. I am very determined to finish the course I started, BA Geography. Although it may take a little longer and be done differently to what I thought this time last year in the long run having the degree means I can then do my PGCE and get a job teaching Geography at secondary level. Having this degree will put Amelia and I in a much better position and eventually working in a school means I would have summer holidays off to spend time with by the time I would have graduated 4-5 years time a young daughter! 

Its tough because when I discovered I was pregnant life lost its sense of direction for me; having been in school for 12 years then sixth form for 2 years then off to university this seemed to just throw me into the deep end of nothing! I found that really overwhelming and one of the hardest things to deal with but now I feel on top of my new direction and excited for the next year to watch Amelia grow and not have to miss any of it. 

My best friends and me and Prom 2012 (me in the middle)

My best friends and me and Prom 2012 (me in the middle)

My posts will vary from day to day photos to product reviews and life situations I have experienced; welcome any comments in response to anything I write.  My experience has been so challenging already and I’m only just getting started on the journey of motherhood something I am sure will challenge me for the rest of my life. I am so excited for all of it and would just love to help someone by sharing my stories. 



Amelia at 1 week old!

Amelia at 1 week old!



  1. Was different for me in that I was 21 and doing my finals just before giving birth. And we got married afterwards. But it was weird being out of kilter with both my Uni set of friends and the other mums around me who were much older.

    Mine are 12 and 14 now! You look like you’re making a great job of motherhood.

  2. Well done Alice, I was 18 when I had Hayden and me and my husband are now running our successful business.
    Anything is possible Hun, all you need is your friends and family. Great blog too! Motherhood is tough but the happy times are solo worth it. I’m expecting my 3rd now. Good luck Hun”, remember your not on your own xxxxx

  3. Congrats! What a sweet little baby you have! Once you have kids, life changes – it doesn’t matter how old you are. I had my first at 40 and it’s amazing – just as I think I’m getting good a motherhood, THEY change. Again, congrats!

  4. Same as me! I fell pregnant in my first year in uni and I am currently having a year off and going back to study in September 2014, luckily for me my uni’s only 15 minutes away, I’m also 19. Haven’t found anyone else in the same position so would be great to chat 🙂

  5. I was 19 when I discovered I was pregnant too. Although I wasn’t at university at the time (since then I’ve started studying with Open University) I did find certain difficulties with being a young mum. I seemed to be stuck in between groups of mums younger than me and older than me, all of whom were having much different experiences to me. Good for you, starting this blog, I hope it goes well and I look forward to reading!

  6. Our kids are really close in age. My daughter is just a week older. Your little one is absolutely precious and I really like your blog a lot. I also started following you on Twitter. 🙂 I’m nominating you for the Liebster Award! If you want to participate, just stop by my blog for the details. Keep blogging!

  7. hi,
    i was 22 when i gave birth to my son, and first year at the campus. And 26 now i gave second birth to my daughter 3 weeks ago. I like my kids but I see that it’s very hard to continue school with kids, doing finals, assessments etc… I’m on my last year but i divided onto 2 years, so It’s goint to be almost 6 years i couldn’t finish my school 🙂

    Enjoy with thoses days, they are growing so fast

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